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Incorporation & LLC Services


  • Get incorporated in 24 hours
  • Determine the best corporate structure
  • Provisions to safeguard your personal assets
  • State tax and EIN registration

Incorporation & LLC Services

Make the most out of your small business by choosing the right structure for it. Selecting the appropriate entity for your business will help shield you – the small business owner – from personal liability and, in many cases, will reduce your taxes.

Whether you opt for an LLC, S corporation, or C corporation, there is an option for everyone. In addition to our entity structuring services, 1800Accountant offers tax planning, bookkeeping, and more to help entrepreneurs start and run their new small businesses. Our team is here to help you open the doors to your brand new business, stay compliant with the IRS, and put you on a path to prosperity.

“ From the beginning formation of the company to determining which direction to go, 1800Accountant has been very helpful. The accountants have given lots of valuable guidance to me on the LLC vs. corporation structures, how they are taxed, and other important business aspects. I really like the service because I don’t have to become an expert on those things and can instead focus on riding my Segway and taking people around town. ”
Jerry, Segway Tours Monterey

“ There were two big things I completely neglected when getting my 501(c)3 organization status set up. The rep from 1800Accountant helped me finish this up and cover it all. The IRS had no questions and completely accepted my application. ”
Lynn Olson, Language Central

Service Details

  • Explain how your business structure affects your taxes
  • Get incorporated in 24 hours
  • Company name search and preliminary clearance
  • Show how a business entity can safeguard your assets
  • File articles of incorporation
  • State tax and EIN registration
  • Create the best incorporation structure to help reduce your taxes

Get the Right Structure

Choosing the right legal structure pays off