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Learn how 1800Accountant.com's unique system can help you keep more of what you earn and potentially save thousands of dollars on taxes yearly.

All new businesses are encouraged to seek the guidance of a tax professional when starting a business as business tax filings are generally a year round activity. That's why MyCorporation has teamed up with the accounting experts at 1800Accountant is excited to provide you with a FREE tax consultation and webinar with a business accountant.

During This Free Consultation You Will Learn:

  • How your business is taxed
  • Ways to reduce the chance of an IRS audit
  • Commonly missed deductions
  • Tax strategies of the wealthy
  • And more valuable accounting information

1800Accountant has assisted thousands of small business owners and other self-employed individuals keep more of what they earn by educating them on all the deductions allowed by law. To discover how 1800Accountant might be able to help you , they are providing you with a free tax consultation with no risk or obligation on your part.

1800Accountant will provide an overall tax assessment, which will help you to identify itemizations which your business may be neglecting and explain these differences in dollars and cents.

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