Office Location

New York, NY

Where are you from?


Job Title

Tax Accountant
What three words would you use to describe your role?
Dedicated, Reliable, Challenging
Past Work
Accounting Manager (Private Sector)
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Master’s Degree in Accounting currently in progress
Industry Expertise
Retail and Wholesale
If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
Wingsuit Flying
What’s the coolest (or most important) trend you see today?
Virtual currency (including video game industry)
What would you most like to tell yourself at age 13?
Don’t worry about things ending, look forward to the new beginnings.
What is the toughest accountant problem you’ve tackled? How did you handle it? How did you overcome the challenge?
Having a short period of time to prepare a complex tax return. My solution was lots of coffee and lots of research!
How do you define success?
Open mind, positive thinking, life-time learning
Why do you love working for 1-800Accountant?
1-800Accountant provides me with an opportunity to service clients from all over the United States which I find very interesting and enjoyable.
How has virtual accounting been a great fit for clients?
Access to knowledgeable professionals from any place in the world.
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