Office Location

New York, NY

Where are you from?

Matawan, NJ

Job Title

TAS Supervisor of Central Team
What three words would you use to describe your role?
Challenging, Fulfilling, Educational.
Past Work
Retail, Customer Service, and Tax Accounting
Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at UMass
Industry Expertise
Consulting, Technology, Hospitality and Restaurants
If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
Teleport. It would make my job easier!
What’s the coolest (or most important) trend you see today?
How technology is being integrated into literally everything we do. It’s very exciting.
What would you most like to tell yourself at age 13?
Adulthood is much cooler than you think.
What is the toughest accountant problem you’ve tackled? How did you handle it? How did you overcome the challenge?
I had one client who had a significant amount of back payroll tax penalties from the state of New Jersey from multiple years. It was a tough process--payroll taxes are very complicated sometimes, especially back taxes-- working with the state and trying to get some of those fees waived and lessened but after several months of working at it I was able to significantly help the client out. I still work with this client today and we have a good relationship. All of those months of work was worth it.
How do you define success?
Being able to learn from your mistakes and build upon your strengths. Using failure as a tool for improvement.
Why do you love working for 1-800Accountant?
I feel very comfortable here because of the unique familial atmosphere. You’re not going to find this sense of community at any other accounting firm, I guarantee it. It makes me look forward to work instead of dreading it.
How has virtual accounting been a great fit for clients?
Since everything is online these days it just makes it that much more convenient for the client to solve their tax needs. It is a hassle to have to get up and travel to some local accountant’s small office and carry a bunch of receipts to them and pay an inflated rate just to sit down for several hours. I believe the way we streamline everything through our accountant portal makes it easier for both the accountant and the client who can communicate with their accountant from the comfort of their own home.
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