Partner with 1-800Accountant to maximize tax savings and take care of your business in the Atlanta area. We offer tax preparation, professional guidance and payroll services to help you compete with the best of the best. Our advanced bookkeeping software, ClientBooks, saves countless time by monitoring business transactions. From downtown to Midtown Atlanta, we’re ready to work with you.  

Get in touch with our team now to experience our exceptional services that include:

A Straightforward Approach

We work around your schedule, and our Dedicated Accountants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide professional guidance for tax preparation, whether you need a thorough explanation of IRS requirements or help figuring out what deductions to take advantage of for the upcoming season.

You’ll get unlimited access to a real accountant while enjoying the benefits of using ClientBooks, our easy-to-use, cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting software that streamlines your financial activity. You will also feel secure knowing we’re the only company that provides online accounting software with the assistance of a real-life accountant. Here are some features our clients love about ClientBooks:

  • The ability to monitor expenses, send invoices and track vehicle mileage
  • Seamless connection of bank accounts and credit cards
  • Easy management of customers and contact details
  • Bank-level security and a user-friendly mobile application

An Understanding of the Small Stuff

You have enough on your plate as a small business owner in the Atlanta area, so we want to help you with thoughtful tax preparation. We make it easy for you to upload your important tax forms including 1040s, 1120s and W-2s. Once you do that, you can just sit back and relax while we prepare, review, sign and file your forms.  

When you sign up for ClientBooks, we’ll set up your chart of accounts and create all your income statements and balance sheets. For your payroll needs, we’ll help you make accurate payroll calculations and we’ll prepare and file your quarterly and annual payroll tax returns. If the IRS ever audits your business, we’ll act on your behalf by developing an action plan and communication strategy, preparing all necessary documentation and drafting audit responses. You’ll also receive frequent financial reports and reviews.

No Hourly Rates and Hidden Charges

We provide a fair monthly or yearly rate for our intuitive accounting software and unlimited access to your Dedicated Accountant. We want you to save time and money to help you make the most of running your business in Atlanta. Let us handle the financial side while you visit clients and give yourself a break by enjoying the city’s soulful music, exciting sports teams and vibrant culture.