From veterans of the Army, to the Navy, to the Marines, to the Coast Guard, there are many ex-military members out there who are eager to be productive members of a civilian society. However, countless vets remain unemployed and have a difficult time finding meaningful work.

On this Veterans Day, we explore some key reasons why you should consider hiring military veterans in your small business:

– They come with a good work ethic.

Being a member of any branch of the U.S. military is not easy. There are numerous requirements on which individuals are allowed to serve, and the expectations for actually serving are quite high and require a special work ethic. So, by hiring a veteran in your small business, you should feel very confident that you are bringing a unique individual on board.

Military members are trained to work hard. They must follow strict rules and use proper language when communicating with their superiors. Overall, a military member is often more hardworking and respectful than others. With all that said, why would you not hire a vet?

– The government may fund their continuing education.

In most cases, the federal government provides military veterans with a good amount of financial assistance to attain a degree in higher education. Your small business could hire a veteran for life if you know that Uncle Sam will foot the bill for any continuing education or training your veteran employee needs to enjoy a successful future career. Plus, this will allow your vet to build up his or her skills while remaining as an employee of your company.

– There are tax credits for hiring veterans.

All small business owners love tax savings. By hiring a veteran, you’ll enjoy some nice IRS small business tax breaks to help you keep more money in your business bank account.

The Returning Heroes Tax Credit provides tax incentives of up to $5,600 for small business owners – or larger employers – to hire unemployed veterans.

Another option is the Wounded Warriors Tax Credit. This IRS tax break actually doubles the existing Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) for long-term unemployed military veterans who’ve endured service-related disabilities, to a maximum of $9,600.

– It’s very rewarding to help our freedom fighters.

Military members fight for American freedom every single day, whether they are stationed stateside or are on a battlefield overseas. Being able to reward veterans who have served to defend American freedom is an extremely rewarding feeling. Many vets have difficulty assimilating back into a civilian society, so being able to provide them with gainful employment can be an incredible feeling. How proud would you feel to be able to tell others that an Air Force vet works in your small business?

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Written by Taylor Covey

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