A “Love” for Making Others Smile Leads to Startup Success

Entrepreneur Sasha Love, a former Rolling Stones backup singer, shares her startup success story.

Entrepreneur Sasha Love, a former Rolling Stones backup singer, shares her startup success story.

Sasha Love has the perfect name. That’s because she loves to make people happy by ensuring they are having a good time or by helping underprivileged children. Fortunately, she is able to culminate these two passions through her family-owned small business called M1 World Agencies, LLC.

M1 now has reopened with a fresh new name – M1 World Agencies, LLC – and a fresh new start. The new revised business expansion is like a new startup company as of February 2014. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada but assists clients around the globe.

Those who run M1 World Agencies, LLC are national and international talent buyers. In laymen’s terms, this means the company provides quality talent for conventions, trade shows, special events, and other corporate parties.

“We can provide any type of talent, such as name acts, comedians, bands, solo artists, impressionists, speakers, and even mimes,” Love says.

Love, who has been a singer her entire life, has quite a background in music and performing commercial jingles throughout her career; she has performed and toured the world with high-profile artists, including Bobby Womack, The Rolling Stones, Patti LaBelle, The Crusaders, Jim Belushi, Wayne Newton, and many other big names.

“Bobby Womack produced my first hit, Where Did We Go Wrong, in 1986,” she says. “To know my little song was placed and administered by these industry giants was surreal and humbling. Because Bobby Womack was unselfish and a wonderful giver, I will continue the chain of reciprocity by giving back to other artists.”

It was this experience as a singer that sparked an important thought in her mind regarding how talent is handled in this field. Love says if musicians are not on a retainer, many of them are looking for the in-between gig and next big tour.

“In between tours, I wanted to stay in high demand. So to keep the phone ringing, I would go to different talent agencies and ask them about gigs. They’d almost always tell me, ‘We rarely hire singers.’”

But Love had tenacity and persistence. She would tell them, “By hiring me for the job, you’re getting someone who is well-acquainted with bridging the gap between the tangible and the intangible. That’s why we only work with quality talent!  If you need a national or international draw for your event, I’ve got the inside track.”

Love’s duties include booking, non-traditional marketing, and public relations. Her husband, Larry, is vice president and heads the company’s multimedia division. Their sons – Marlo, Homer, and Jon – are talent scouts.

In Love’s words, there are several factors that will help her family achieve startup success.

“Our success comes with repetitive business because people come back to you if you ensure they had a great time,” she says. “People don’t always remember the food, the venue, or the name of the band at an event they attended.  But… they’ll always remember if they had a great time.”

In addition to the talent buying side of the business, the Loves also operate another DBA under the LLC called Pipedreamerskidz.

“We believe that entertainment and community are intrinsically intertwined,” Love says.

Through this effort, she teaches children how to sing and introduces them to the world of broadcasting with voice-over classes.

“I love giving back to children,” she says. “Many of these kids lack social graces and have never been to a theater, a concert, or any other type of performance. There is so much for them to learn. “

She plans to open a full-fledged recording studio and hire music teachers for this division in which kids can sing and play a wide array of instruments.

Small Business Competition

Love admits her company has numerous competitors in both the Las Vegas market and worldwide.

“There are agencies out there that gouge talent,” she explains. “The performers don’t always get paid the price originally negotiated. Because I’m an artist myself, we work with talent to ensure they are handsomely rewarded for their hard work.”

Small Business Marketing Strategies

While Love admits that word-of-mouth referrals are a must for any small business to build up a strong customer base, her company does some online marketing. The company has a website at www.m1worldagencies.com, along with a Facebook page and pages in development for social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Small Business Challenges


Love admits she and her husband have been up against a number of common challenges that entrepreneurs most often endure when starting a business.  These include financial challenges in the form of marketing and advertising costs. Additionally, competing with big companies that have name recognition has been a major challenge.

Guidance for Entrepreneurs

Thanks to her own experience, Love offers some handy pieces of advice to entrepreneurs and current small business owners who are pursuing the American dream.

“Do your research and talk to other business owners in your industry,” she says. “Use SCORE. They are successful business owner retirees ready to give you guidance free of charge. If you are a female, get in touch with local or national women’s business organizations. Attend business workshops where ever you live. Use the Small Business Administration.

“In the end, it’s all about delivering what a client asks for. This may mean all-nighters on occasion; But don’t sacrifice your family because you will need that support system around you.”

The Loves are happy clients of 1-800Accountant, the nation’s leading accounting and consulting firm for small business owners. Sasha and Larry speak highly of the experience they have had.

“1-800Accountant is a Godsend,” she says. “In the beginning of our revision, we were a fledgling company that needed help. 1-800Accountant has come and retuned us like a tuning fork that’s music to our ears. Thanks to the accounting support, we are singing a brand new song with a brand new name and a brand new start.

Photo credit: The photograph of Sasha Love was provided by M1 World Agencies, LLC and is used with permission.

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