1-800Accountant Sponsors Action-Packed ‘Kingonomics’ Event in Washington, D.C.

1800Accountant.com sponsors 'Kinonomics @ 50th'

A large group of innovators, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and motivated individuals from all walks of life is convening on the nation’s capital this week for a unique gathering. ‘Kingonomics @ 50th’ will be held from Aug. 22nd-23rd at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. This action-packed, two-day event was originally inspired […]

Taxing Questions: What Makes a Writer or Blogger a Pro?

1800Accountant.com on Professional Writers

A Guide to Tax Deductions for Writers, Bloggers, & Freelancers Thousands of dollars in taxes can often ride on a single question: is a writer a professional or an amateur? Whether you are a novelist, blogger, freelance journalist, poet, technical writer, copywriter or non-fiction writer, if you earn your living by writing copy on spec or […]

Jaime Jay is Accounting for Small Business Marketing

1800Accountant.com and SlapshotStudio.com

If you run a small business today, you likely know about the importance of having a presence on the Internet. Jaime Jay can help you spread the word about your company on the “information superhighway.” Jay, a client of 1-800Accountant, is the proud owner of his own small business called SlapshotStudio.com. The home-based business was […]