Entrepreneur Caleb Wright found startup success helping clients with small business marketing.

Caleb Wright, a client of 1-800Accountant, wants to make his clients satisfied by delivering solid web-based solutions for their companies on the “information superhighway.” To do this, he decided to start up his own small business called Common Wealth Web Solutions, LLC.

Based out of Mendon, Vermont, the company became an official LLC in 2012. It is run entirely out of Wright’s home office.

Common Wealth Web Solutions, LLC offers a wide range of services. These include website development and hosting, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), Internet marketing, and video production. The clients he works with run the gamut in terms of their industries, such as small businesses in real estate, hospitality, business equipment renting, art, and photography. Although he mostly works with other companies, he does do some work for individuals.

“I found people who needed web-related services and converted them into money-making opportunities,” Wright says. “I did a lot of research and basically taught myself these skills. I figured out my own best ways of doing things, and it all kind of fell into place.”

Different types of software are required to deliver his services. He uses Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, web development software, and social media. He believes that his limited expenses will help make the business profitable long-term.

“The overhead is low, which means I can do this job from anywhere, as long as I have my laptop,” he says. “This is an industry in very high demand, especially in this economy.”

He talks about what he enjoys most about being one of the many small business owners out there.

“I enjoy the freedom it offers me,” he says. “I can create my own schedule and rates. I enjoy the people that I work with as well. It’s always interesting meeting new people.”

How to Compete in the Small Business Market

Most small business owners face some sort of competition. For Wright, though, having a web-based business allows him to infinitely expand his customer base. Companies in this field aren’t stumbling over each other to get clients, he says.

“Competition doesn’t seem to affect me that much. I have a world of clients out there who are accessible to me via the Internet. The fact that I target the local area helps a lot. I use local-level keywords on my website to get customers, and then I get referrals from those customers.”

To spread the word about the small business, Wright utilizes a number of marketing strategies. His website is www.commonwealthwebsolutions.com. He uses social media – especially Twitter – to get lots of customers, along with Facebook, Pinterest, and Google’s community pages.

“Social media is essential these days. If you want to take your success to another level, I highly recommend using it.”

Wright used to work as a programming coordinator for a public access TV station. He continued at this full-time job during the startup phase of his small business. This was one of his challenges early on.

“It eventually became a viable option to pursue the business full-time,” he explains.

Advice for Aspiring Small Business Owners

Establishing a company often entails accounting for what seems like a never-ending list of things. To help entrepreneurs get through this list, Wright offers a few simple tips.

“Definitely do lots of research online,” he says. “Find people who’ve already done it. Get tips and tricks from them. I found it viable to have an accounting team on my side as well. Have a good way to keep track of your expenses. I like using certain iPad apps. Being organized and staying on top of everything involved in your business is the key to making it all work.”

Tax benefits, schedule flexibility, and not having people telling him what he can or can’t do are the biggest pluses in running a company for Wright.

“You can live as an individual,” he says. “You can be a real leader and not an appointed leader. I’m just not into giving my 40 hours per week to someone else anymore.”

As for drawbacks, he believes self-discipline is a required ingredient for success. Those who don’t have it may have a tough time.

“This isn’t for everybody. Some people need a job and need to have someone tell them what to do. Not everybody can handle this. Just remember that failure is a good thing. Embrace it and don’t be afraid of it because it will make you a stronger individual.”

As a client of 1-800Accountant, Wright says he’s been satisfied overall with his services from the national accounting and business consulting firm.

“It takes some pressure off me mentally knowing an accountant is there to call up,” Wright says. “I can schedule an appointment with someone easily. The rates are also very reasonable.”

Learn more about Wright by checking out his blog.

Photo credit: The photograph of Caleb Wright was provided by Common Wealth Web Solutions, LLC and is used with permission.


Written by Taylor Covey

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