Educating Clients on Medical Coding & Billing

Entrepreneur Laureen Jandroep found startup success by launching her own small business in the medical coding field.

Entrepreneur Laureen Jandroep found startup success by launching her own small business in the medical coding field.

After several years of experience working in the medical coding and billing realm, Laureen Jandroep decided to create her own business to educate prospective individuals wanting to enter this field.

Based out of her home office in Oceanville, New Jersey, the online-based business – Certification Coaching Organization, LLC – was officially established in December of 2012. It provides initial and ongoing training for medical coding and billing.

“We help people get their certification and maintain it through continuing education,” she says.

Jandroep outlines the timeline of how the business became what it is today.

“I started doing some review classes that I decided to videotape going back to the VHS days,” she says. “I started a little website that did okay, and then I started making DVDs, online videos, and webinars. Someone encouraged me to develop a list of people who were interested. I thought I should get more legal protection and get incorporated. Our Internet traffic went from 1,000 a month to 1,000 a day.”

Jandroep conducts the recorded courses herself. She also provides lots of other online materials. In general, there is an educational option for everyone.

“We offer DVDs, streaming videos, downloadable files, and even podcasts,” she says.

Keys to Startup Success

Jandroep believes providing a good product to start with and top-notch customer support are the most important things for her business to continue to prosper.

“Our motto is that every customer should walk away feeling warm and fuzzy,” she says. “For people to be plunking down a decent amount of money for a course, we have to be respectful of that.”

The company also has a solid social media presence with a community of medical coders. Most of them are women between 30 and 45 years of age.

“We really want the individuals to all be successful. We don’t just say ‘give us your money and good luck.’ Each individual is assigned a coach, and these coaches follow up with them at least once a week to check on their progress.”

To promote the business, she said word-of-mouth recommendations are a big part of the business. The company also uses search engine optimization (SEO) to make its website rank higher in search results. Its website is On social media, the company maintains pages on Facebook and Twitter.

According to Jandroep, focusing on one’s strengths and delegating responsibilities to others are a huge part of being successful as a small business owner.

“Look at what you should be doing that nobody else can do,” she says. “Try and outsource the rest.”

Pros & Cons to Self-Employment

She says the advantages to self-employment are “having the ability to make her own hours, enjoying great tax benefits, and growing something that is someone’s own creation.” The disadvantages are that the income is unpredictable and that entrepreneurs have to be good money planners for quarterly taxes and other financial responsibilities.

Jandroep is a 1-800Accountant client and says the company has done a lot to assist her.

“1-800Accountant is so helpful,” she says. “They’ve given me a lot of great advice to steer me in the right direction. It’s been a really, really good experience.”

Photo credit: The photograph of Laureen Jandroep was provided by Certification Coaching Organization, LLC and is used with permission.

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