1-800Accountant client Kathy Heeg wants you to Achieve Your Full Potential through her startup small business, which has the same namesake.

Starting a business is never an easy proposition. Kathy Heeg learned that when she launched Achieve Your Full Potential, PLLC in September 2012. Now, more than a year later, she is enjoying the benefits of self-employment and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Heeg, who is a 1-800Accountant client, operates the business out of an office in New York City’s Midtown East section.

Achieve Your Full Potential is a small business in which Heeg practices as a psychotherapist. She specializes in cutting-edge therapeutic methods to help her clients feel better and achieve their goals, just as the company’s name suggests. She assists a variety of clients, including trauma victims and those looking for performance enhancement in their lives.

From actors to athletes to musicians to business professionals, she says a wide range of individuals have sought out her services.

“If someone has a performance block, or if they had a skill that they’ve lost or need to improve on, I can help them,” she says.

Heeg is utilizing a brand new method called brain spotting to help many of her clients.

“We use different eye positions to get into the brain where the blocks are,” she explains. “We have a client find an eye position that feels most comfortable, and they stare at a certain spot on the wall. It’s truly amazing how well it helps them focus.”

She decided to take the leap of faith into starting a business after her many years of experience in the mental health field. She is a licensed clinical social worker in New York and New Jersey.

In the world of athletics, concussions have become a major issue at all levels as doctors continue to discover the lasting effects of a concussion and preventative measures. Heeg’s work involves assisting athletes in similar ways.

“If an athlete gets hit in the head and can’t pitch, catch, shoot, or throw a ball like they used to because of it, I can help them,” she says.

Accounting for small business success can be done and measured in various ways. For Heeg, it’s all about top-notch customer service in a timely manner.

“In order for me to see happy clients, I try to get people better as fast as I can,” she says. “I always have this in the back of my head for every client I work with.”

Seeing the transformation of a client from someone who is struggling to someone who winds up feeling much better about their lives is what gives her the most satisfaction.

“It’s very rewarding work,” she says.

Small Business Competition in the Psychotherapy Realm

While some small business owners struggle to gain an edge over those around them, Heeg feels fortunate to have found a place in her industry that hasn’t been tapped into much.

“The brain spotting community is still pretty small,” she says. “Also, there are never enough trauma psychotherapists to go around, unfortunately. With lots of military members coming home and so many others going through difficult situations, there is such a need for this. There are lots of people in extreme pain who don’t even know there is help out there like what I offer.”

Doing advertising for Achieve Your Full Potential has been multifaceted, Heeg says. Networking with other therapists and medical professionals has been a big part of this process. She also maintains a website – www.kathyheeg.com – and www.achieveyourfullpotential.net – and maintains a page on the Psychology Today website.

She says she’s faced some challenges with getting the company off the ground and making headway with it.

“Just being visible in the community since I’m new to Manhattan has been a bit of a challenge,” she says. “I’ve enjoyed going to networking events and building relationships. I’ve met lots of wonderful people. That has been a big help.”

She adds that striking a balance between the pros and cons of self-employment is a must.

“The advantage is being able to structure things my way that will work for me. The disadvantage is having to do my own marketing, buying items for the business, and everything else that goes along with this.”

Heeg’s advice to those interested in starting a business is to do a ton of thorough research and to be persistent.

“Do your homework, know your industry and ask for help when you need it,” she says. “Overall, don’t give up.”

As a client of 1-800Accountant, Heeg feels fortunate to be working with such a helpful accounting and business consulting firm.

“There are lots of accountants in Manhattan, and figuring out who would be the right fit for me was a difficult decision. I went to 1-800Accountant and met with some of the people there, and I knew right away this would work for me. If I have a question or a problem, I can call or come visit 1-800Accountant whenever I need help.”

Heeg has already recommended 1-800Accountant to colleagues who run small businesses in many different fields.

Photo credit: The photograph of Kathy Heeg was provided by Achieve Your Full Potential, PLLC and is used with permission.


Written by Taylor Covey

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