BOO! Halloween is almost here. If you operate your own small business and throw a Halloween party for the benefit and enjoyment of your employees and contractors, you can fully deduct the following business party necessities when filing your business taxes with the IRS:

– Halloween party location

It might be cheaper to hold a Halloween party right in your office. Or, you could invite your employees to your home. But if you need to rent out a banquet hall, park, or other location for a predetermined amount of time, you can fully deduct any expenses you incur for the location of your haunted bash.

– Food and beverages

A Halloween party just isn’t right without food and beverages to enjoy after the costume contest. Whether you prepare something unique like pumpkin cookies, or you buy a sandwich tray, these are all business expenses. You certainly can’t party without some spooky beverage concoctions, either. Regardless of what you are serving, these expenses are fully deductible on your IRS tax return.

– Eating supplies

Enjoying food and drinks simply cannot be done without appropriate eating supplies. You may need plates, cups, napkins, utensils, trays, and other items to serve and eat food on. All of these eating supplies can be deducted as part of the Halloween party for your employees. Fortunately, though, most of these items are inexpensive.

– Halloween decorations

You can’t throw a Halloween party without some cool decorations. Think orange and black here. Scarecrows, witches, goblins, and pumpkins are just a few of the haunted items you could use to make the atmosphere right. Decorations that play sound effects are also a hit. While shopping for these decorations, remember that they’ll qualify as a business write-off.

– Music

What’s a Halloween party without music? Download some tunes from your favorite music site, stream them from your laptop, or pay a DJ to come out and spin some scary Halloween tunes. Think “Monster Mash,” “Thriller,” or “Ghostbusters.” Any money you spend adding a soundtrack to your event is fully deductible, according to IRS guidelines on hosting a party for your employees. Get more IRS business deductions to help you keep more of your hard-earned income when you work with 1-800Accountant. Call 1-800-222-6868 or visit www.1-800Accountant.


Written by Taylor Covey

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