Jaime Jay is Accounting for Small Business Marketing

1-800Accountant Blog SlapshotStudio.comIf you run a small business today, you likely know about the importance of having a presence on the Internet. Jaime Jay can help you spread the word about your company on the “information superhighway.”

Jay, a client of 1-800Accountant, is the proud owner of his own small business called SlapshotStudio.com. The home-based business was formally set up in June 2013 and is located in Ozark, Missouri where Jay resides. He currently has a business partner named John Weidow who works for the company remotely in the Philadelphia area.

Jay offers a full range of online marketing services for small business owners, individuals, and anyone who wishes to utilize his services. His selection includes website design, video production, search engine optimization (SEO), and graphic design. His current base of clients runs the gamut and includes those who work in cooking, personal development, fly fishing, and mountain biking.

“My contractor and I pretty much handle everything ourselves from a production standpoint,” he says. “I occasionally outsource tasks to others when I get too busy. SEO is really my sweet spot.”

Although he only has one person currently on staff, he hopes to hire more in the future and is aiming for a goal of 30 clients.

Jay, who has been in the technology industry for close to two decades, says he used to run an advertising agency. His main reasoning for forming his current small business, however, was to combine two of his areas of interest.

“It allowed me to kind of combine my nerd-dom with my creativity,” he jokes. “People were always asking me to do work for them. I needed to make some money, so I figured it would be a great idea to set this business up.”

From his perspective, consistency is the number-one key to maintaining a prosperous small business.

“The worst thing for small business owners is not maintaining consistent messaging,” he says. “Also, you have to practice what you preach. It’s not good when you say you do SEO and then don’t get a website ranked high in search results. I strive to practice what I preach all the time.”

While many similar companies only offer online marketing and production services, Jay says he will train his clients to give them the skills on how to use web design and blogging tools, such as WordPress.

Most small business owners enjoy certain aspects of their work. For Jay, his thrill revolves around the creativity of the jobs.

“I really like doing the nerdy-type stuff – the writing, the videos, producing the animation –just about everything on the production end,” he says. “It’s just fun for me. I love building new things.”

His Insight on Small Business Competition

In his eyes, competition in this industry is a little unique compared to other lines of work.

“It’s more or less befriending other companies out there and building a nice community of website producers who can help each other,” Jay says.

All of the clients SlapshotStudio.com has retained have come through referrals. However, Jay plans to implement a 21-step online marketing campaign using SEO strategies to advertise the company.

Challenges are simply a given when it comes to starting a new business. Jay felt a bit overwhelmed early on in the process.

“It was tough for me to do everything myself,” he says. “I had to bring on another guy to help me out. It’s really been a lot of work. It can take me several hours to work on a project that may only involve producing a video that’s a few minutes long. Patience is important.”

His advice for aspiring small business owners is to be prepared for something they’ve never experienced before.

“Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a long haul.”

He adds that there are both positives and negatives to self-employment. It’s all about striking a balance between the two to be successful.

“You get to create your own schedule, and there’s nobody telling you what to do. You can also wear whatever you want when you’re working from home, which is nice. On the flipside, I’m responsible for everything. You have to rely on yourself and make sure you’re taking care of everything.”

As a client of 1-800Accountant, Jay speaks highly of the national accounting and business development firm.

“1-800Accountant has been awesome,” he says. “You guys have been real patient with me, and you’ve given me good guidance since the first phone call I made to you. I would definitely recommend 1-800Accountant to others.”

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Photo credit: Images included in this article were provided by Jamie Jay, and are used with permission. 

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