1-800Accountant client Argyris Argitakos shares his start-up story and how his small business helps real estate investors.

The real estate landscape in the U.S. and worldwide is ever-changing. Thanks to his global experience, Argyris Argitakos has a good handle on what types of property to invest in to gain a money-making income stream. That’s why he decided to open up his own small business to assist investors.

Argitakos runs The Asta Group, LLC, a small real estate investment and consulting firm based in New York City. The company was formed in August 2013 and is launching operations this November.

The Asta Group is essentially an extension of a real estate investment company called Strongbrook REIC. This firm helps individuals invest in residential property for income purposes. The Asta Group is now part of the firm’s business development team for the U.S. and Europe.

Argitakos, a New Yorker who has 15 years of experience in real estate, has extensive experience in the industry overseas in Athens, Greece, and throughout Europe and Russia. He’s now a licensed real estate agent in the state of New York.

He says the relationship between his company and Strongbrook REIC is mutually beneficial.

“We are promoting the services of Strongbrook REIC, and people will become their clients, but we’ll also bring them on as our clients. We are the local representative for this part of the country. We are providing a proven, successful track record that Strongbrook has. We are coupling our platform with their credibility. We hope to enjoy the success that Strongbrook has enjoyed.”

More specifically, the clients served by The Asta Group reside in New York, the rest of the northeastern U.S., as well as foreign investors in Europe.  The primary property that the company looks for is single-family homes that are easily rented to credit-worthy tenants. Argitakos strives to help investors through wealth-building strategies, expanding their retirement savings accounts financially, and by offering a cash flow for them – all through real estate investment.

He says he really enjoys getting to know good people and giving them proper guidance toward a prosperous future.

“This role affords me the opportunity to interact with a variety of individuals,” Argitakos says. “The ultimate satisfaction is in being a part of someone’s most important financial decisions in their lives. This is one of their biggest investments. It’s not like being a shoe salesman who you meet once and forget the next day. There’s a certain relationship that has to be developed and maintained, which I really like.”

Small business owners try to get a leg up on their competition in various ways. Argitakos approaches this process in his own unique way.

“It’s all about your professionalism and customer service that sets you apart,” he says. “There are many real estate professionals out there, and giving the right amount of attention to your customers is a must.”

To make others aware of his new small business, Argitakos put up a website and has taken advantage of social media marketing by sending out information on the company and upcoming events through social media campaigns. He admits that this task has been a bit challenging in order to craft the right message about how the business can benefit others.

“We feel we have a great concept in place that, once people are aware of our services and track record, those interested in real estate investment will move forward with us. Getting this information to the right parties is obviously our main goal and has been a little difficult.”

Tips For Aspiring Small Business Owners

Even though Argitakos has owned businesses in the past, he still continues to learn strategies that can assist other new small business owners with their startup endeavors.

“In the beginning, you should have the right team of legal and accounting professionals behind you to help you in the initial stages of setting up your business,” he says. “Making the right agreements and adhering to the rules, regulations, and taxes you’re responsible for is critical. In general, perseverance throughout the entire process is so important. Never give up.”

From his standpoint, there are both great advantages and noteworthy disadvantages involved in self-employment.

“The flexibility and freedom are great,” he says. “If you’re successful, you will reap the financial benefits of your success.

“The disadvantage is that there can be a lot of anxiety up until the point where you get to a certain level of success. It can be a big financial and time drain on your life as well, especially the lack of security and steady income at times. Just remember that if you’re successful in the end, it’s all worth it.”

Argitakos is a 1-800Accountant client and says the national accounting and business consulting firm has been a big help to him for several reasons.

“The flexibility and credibility of 1-800Accountant has been very important to me,” he says. “They say timing is everything, and I love the availability of the accountants whenever I need to call them up and ask a question. They are always able to assist me when I need it most.”

The Asta Group is hosting a free launch party in the New York offices of 1-800Accountant for current and aspiring real estate investors on Thursday, November 14, 2013. To learn more about this unique event, click here.

Photo credit: The photograph of Argyris Argitakos is provided by The Asta Group, LLC and is used with permission


Written by Taylor Covey

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