Milani Dupre’ Strives to Give Musicians a Hand

September 24, 2014
Entrepreneur Milani Dupre' started her own small business to assist struggling musicians.

Entrepreneur Milani Dupre’ started her own small business to assist struggling musicians.

We all hear stories about struggling musicians who are eager to get as many gigs as possible. Milani Dupre’, an entrepreneur and client of 1-800Accountant, came up with a thoughtful concept for a small business to lend a helping hand to those who create the tunes we all love.
Adele-Bijou Music Group, LLC is a small business still in its early stages that was founded by Dupre’. It was conceived in 2013, making Las Vegas, Nevada the headquarters of its operations once officially opened.

“I want to assist musicians who have been working for years who don’t have a proper foundation for their music careers to develop,” Dupre’ says. “I want to assist with getting gigs that pay them what they’re really worth.”

The business will offer numerous support services, such as education, marketing, publicity, and even some financial advice.

New Orleans jazz is among the genres she intends to start out with.  Finding artists around the New Orleans area, as well as other cities in Louisiana, is just the starting point of who could benefit from her services. There will be no limit to the recourse she plans to provide to these cities, eventually assisting artists in all genres and areas nationwide.

She says her family and her own personal observations played a role in convincing her that starting a business in the music industry was the right decision.

“I thought there should be a foundation to help take musicians to the next level,” she says. “This will also allow me to give back to the community by creating well-needed jobs for those who have a background in the music, finance, and administrative fields. My plan is to work hard on making the business prosper.”

She explains what she believes the keys are to making Adele-Bijou Music Group, LLC a big success.

“It’s all about staying focused and getting a lot of publicity for our company and our musicians,” she says. “We have to make sure we’re dealing with the right kinds of people. We want to give musicians exactly what they need to succeed.

“There’s also a major need to educate musicians on their finances when it comes to IRS issues. I was surprised to learn how many of the musicians are unaware that they are responsible for their own taxes.”

Benefits to Self-Employment

Dupre’ has run her own daycare center for 39 years in Sacramento, California. Since she’s not exactly the newest business owner on the block, she has enjoyed various benefits that come with the territory.

“It’s so nice having my freedom and being able to make decisions myself,” she says. “If I do something wrong, I learn how to do it the right way the next time.”

While it’s still in the development stage, her advertising and marketing plan for the company will be web-based and will involve setting up social media pages to attract the attention of musicians who could potentially benefit from her services.

Small Business Challenges.

Financial challenges are almost always involved in starting a business, and Dupre’ has been no exception to enduring this challenge.

“Trying to get funding for a brand new business is tough if you don’t have the background to really show it can work, which is kind of the position I’m in at this point. I’ve had to personally fund the business so far.”

Tips for Aspiring CEOs

Her advice for entrepreneurs is to keep pushing despite hurdles that may get in the way of ultimately achieving a goal.

“Don’t give up, no matter if the door keeps closing on you,” she says. “Still push. If someone says you can’t do it, you have to follow your dream and do what’s right for you.

“Funding is where people tend to fail. You have to stay focused and make sacrifices both personally and financially.”

As a client of 1-800Accountant, a national accounting and business development firm, Dupre’ says she’s had a wonderful experience in getting valuable support from the firm’s accountants and CPAs on her business taxes.

“1-800Accountant is there for me when I need them,” she says. “I would highly recommend the firm to others.”

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: The logo included in this blog post was provided by Adele-Bijou Music Group, LLC and is used with permission.

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