Most of you are probably familiar with Black Friday – and maybe you even avoid shopping altogether on this day.

Some of you might know about Cyber Monday, too, and how the Internet has become a tremendous sales platform.

But do you know what Small Business Saturday is all about? And should your local retail shop recognize this unique day? Time is running short if you plan to do something special for it.

Originally conceived of in 2010, Small Business Saturday is an informally designated day that falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday over Thanksgiving weekend. Instead of shopping at big-box retailers like they do the day before, shoppers are encouraged to visit and support locally-owned small businesses or mom-and-pop shops in their communities.

Here are 4 reasons why you should do something special for Small Business Saturday this year:

— It’s great for small business marketing.

If you are looking for some new small business marketing strategies to get the word out about your great enterprise, consider taking advantage of Small Business Saturday. On this one day out of the year, customers who are aware of the “holiday” will be more apt to shop locally. Because of this, it may be worth it to offer special sales, promotions, discounts, contests, and other features around this date. There is a good chance you’ll have increased foot traffic if you own a retail store. Get your place in tiptop shape, put out your most desirable items on display, and capture as many sales as you can. Put up signs in front of your store. Post about it on your website and social media pages. Get people talking about it at the local pub. You’ll be amazed who will swing by to check out your business.

— It can help increase your customer base.

It might sound crazy, but one day out of 365 per year can make a big difference. Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to beef up your customer database. Hand out business cards to walk-in customers. Collect basic information like e-mail addresses or mailing addresses so you can reach out to any new customers in the future. If someone sees a good sale going on at your shop on this day, they might tell others about it, and word-of-mouth referrals will be in full effect.

— It can help you finish the year strong in terms of profits.

Every business owner wants to finish strong. This is particularly true when it comes to profits and finishing out a particular calendar year in the black. While holiday sales can certainly be a source of this increased revenue prior to January 1st, Small Business Saturday is also a great chance to increase your bottom line late in the year. If you’ve struggled to make lots of sales this year, consider making a big push around this day. As mentioned earlier, customers may be more likely to check out your selection compared to a big-box competitor down the street. There aren’t too many times when this is the case, so don’t miss out on making up for any losses by turning a profit on Small Business Saturday and the month that follows before a new year begins.

— It demonstrates how small businesses drive America’s economy.

Sometimes, small businesses get overshadowed by their much larger corporate brothers and sisters within a certain market. Industry leaders have always known that it’s the small businesses in our community that ultimately drive our nation’s economy. They are more important than ever, and they deserve some recognition, hence the idea behind Small Business Saturday. So play a part by participating to make customers aware that your small company, along with any others in your area – truly matter for the overall sustainability of our economy and its continued growth.

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Written by Taylor Covey

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