Small Business Spreads a Lifestyle of Health & Wellness

The Health Goddess team spreads healthy living and fitness tips through a unique online business.

The Health Goddess team spreads healthy living and fitness tips through a unique online business.

Ashley Arellano and Olivia Karpinski love eating organically and staying fit. So the two models put their heads and passions together to launch their own small business through which they can share their lifestyles with others.

Arellano and Karpinski proudly operate Health Goddess, LLC in Anaheim Hills, California. They formally established the startup company in July 2014 and are currently building their team, which includes fitness fanatic Jennifer Klemm and former WWE Diva Erika Hammond, their newest addition.

“We are a health and fitness website that offers meal and workout plans,” Arellano explains. “We are also developing health products and apparel for the site.”

The company’s site provides users with 2-week and 4-week meal and workout plans.

“We don’t really believe in the word diet,” she adds. “We believe in living organically and adopting a new and sustainable lifestyle by using organic and holistic products as much as possible.”

She talks about what inspired her to start up Health Goddess.

“The holistic market needed a fun and sexy organic brand – something a little more mainstream,” she says. “That’s where we feel like we come into play.”

According to Karpinski, there are several goals Health Goddess, LLC hopes to achieve as a startup company.

“We’re providing a solution to the marketplace in a few different areas,” she says. “We want to bring a refined yet sexy feel to the fitness and organic industries. We’re also giving our consumers exclusive access to how we live and incorporate organic and fitness into our lifestyles. We are trying to help steer a culture that is obsessed with being skinny into one that focuses on being healthy and fit instead. We focus on honesty, offering quality products, and delivering a clear message to consumers.”

The main demographic of the small business falls with women from about ages 18 to 40. Women with diabetes, heart disease, and other health ailments have also turned to the two entrepreneurs for advice on leading a healthy lifestyle. However, Karpinski admits many men have been intrigued by their business concept as well.

Handling Small Business Competition

While Karpinski admits there are countless companies selling organic or holistic products out there, their startup company is accounting for a wide array of items and ideas.

“We definitely have a unique brand,” she says. “It’s kind of a multifaceted company. Lots of other brands are doing specific things, but we’re encompassing all of it in a targeted way. We want to make sure we have the best possible products for our customers.”

Small Business Advertising Methods

The two entrepreneurs have turned to the Internet to advertise Health Goddess, LLC. Their website is simply They are making a big push on social media as well, having pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Startup Success

Entrepreneurs face various challenges on the often lengthy road to startup success. Arellano and Karpinski have been no exception to this reality.

“Ashley and I had never, ever started a company before,” Karpinski says. “So you can imagine two girls trying to find their way. We have both made a lot of mistakes and learn something new every single day. There have been tears, but there have also been ecstatic moments. It’s passion that keeps us going. We know we have to give up a lot now to get what we want later.”

Advice for Aspiring Small Business Owners

Thanks to her own personal experience, Karpinski offers some insightful advice for aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to take the plunge into starting a business.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail. You have to do your research before jumping into a business. At times, you also have to slow down and think about the decisions you want to make instead of jumping the gun on things.

“The three things we like to focus on are consistency, listening, and following up. We want to have a consistent message. We have to listen to others in order to fine-tune how we do business. Finally, we follow up and make ourselves accessible to customers as much as possible.”

She adds that being self-employed certainly comes with both pros and cons.

“You definitely are taking a leap of faith,” she admits. “But when you work for someone else, you’re kind of making their dreams come true for them. We wanted to make our dreams come true. Sometimes it takes lots of side or night jobs to reach this point. We’ve already seen you can reap the rewards of owning a small business. Go after your dreams and don’t just follow the crowd. For us, it’s not really work at all because it’s fun.”

As clients of 1-800Accountant, the nation’s leading accounting and consulting firm for small businesses, Karpinski says she and Arellano have had a fantastic experience.

“We love how informative and accessible 1-800Accountant has been for us,” Karpinski says. “We asked if we could send our receipts every single day, and you guys said yes with no hesitation. You have answered all of our questions to a T and put us with an accountant who has specific experience in our industry. We’re really excited to have 1-800Accountant as part of our team. Not having the stress of handling our business taxes and knowing things will be done correctly is just great.”

Photo credit: The photograph of Ashley Arellano and Olivia Karpinski was provided by Health Goddess, LLC and is used with permission.

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