Nearly 800,000 American taxpayers enrolled in the Affordable Care Act’s insurance programs through have been affected by a major glitch involving how much they owe Uncle Sam in taxes this year.

Taxpayers received erroneous information from the government. Because of this error, they were told to hold off on filing their tax returns with the IRS until the problem is resolved.

The erroneous information about taxpayers’ insurance policies involves calculations related to how much they owe the IRS in taxes. The government said that taxpayers should receive corrected information during the first week of March. However, until then, they will not know for sure what they owe as some are expected to owe more and some may owe less than what the incorrect information indicates. This will delay the ability of many taxpayers to file their returns in a timely manner.

According to government officials, there is still no answer on what caused this invalid and unusable information to be distributed. An estimated 20% of all forms sent out with this type of insurance information contained incorrect calculations.

This is the first tax season in which Americans can face a tax penalty for failing to have health insurance through either a private provider or through the healthcare exchanges. February 15th was the original deadline for taxpayers to get insurance through if they were uninsured and did not want to pay the penalty on their taxes. However, the government is opening a second enrollment period for those who have not yet purchased insurance.

This special enrollment period begins March 15th and ends on April 30th. It is currently set to take effect in 37 states, but the others are expected to follow suit in some capacity. In Minnesota, for instance, taxpayers will have from March 1st to April 30th to get insurance and avoid a penalty.

According to federal officials at the Treasury Department, approximately 6 million individuals will be on the hook for a penalty since they did not have health insurance in 2014. But there are 30 different exemptions on the books for being uninsured, which means some of these taxpayers will not incur a fine at tax time. There are also tax credits and other ways around being uninsured to assist certain individuals.

Brendon Pack, Vice President at 1-800Accountant, said this tax glitch is just one piece of a widespread confusing puzzle in the 2015 tax season.

“This glitch represents only a small part of how difficult the 2015 tax season has been for Americans,” Pack said in a statement. “Both individuals and business owners alike are experiencing so many challenges in getting their taxes filed properly and on time. At 1-800Accountant, our accounting experts will ensure that your return is prepared and filed on time, no matter what your situation entails.”

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Written by Taylor Covey

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