How Entrepreneurs Can Save Money without Penny Pinching


Small businesses may be making great contributions to the U.S. economy, but their financial health is in critical condition. According to a 2016 JPMorgan Chase Institute study, most small businesses only have 27 days’ worth of money on hand to cover expenses if inflows stopped. Essentially, this means that many small businesses are operating on […]

Finances 101: What to Expect When You Open an Online Store


When it comes to starting a business with low overhead, opening an online store seems like a surefire bet. You run operations from the comfort of your PJs, and there’s no need to rent out a space or hire an arsenal of employees. However, opening an online store still has some financial concerns involved. Learn […]

Do You Owe Estimated Taxes on April 18?


We all know that April 18, 2017 is Tax Day this year – the day by which personal income tax returns must be postmarked and mailed or electronically filed with the IRS. However, many taxpayers forget that this longstanding personal filing deadline also represents an estimated tax payment deadline. What Are Estimated Taxes? The concept […]

Everything You Need to Know About Comp Time


Did you know that one-third of private employers are at risk of an FLSA lawsuit because of comp time (or, formally, compensatory time) issues related to their employees? Operating a small business comes with countless responsibilities, many of which some business owners are completely unaware that can put them into major hot water over legal […]