Using Art to Facilitate a Passion through a Small Business

Moonlight Arts, LLC was started by entrepreneur Kathleen Zyduck.

Moonlight Arts, LLC was started by entrepreneur Kathleen Zyduck.

One day about 18 years ago, Kathleen Zyduck was walking down the streets of London when she spotted a Henna art boutique that piqued her interest. Little did she know she would open up a brand new small business all these years later in which she does body art.

Zyduck proudly operates Moonlight Arts, LLC in Hemet, California in the southern part of the state. She launched the startup company in July 2013.

Zyduck refers to herself as an independent artist who specializes in doing Henna body art. Henna is a plant from which the dye for these temporary tattoos is derived.

“I moved across the country and couldn’t find much work, so I decided to start up this small business,” Zyduck says. “I used to do this type of art part-time during the summer months when I lived back east. I’ve always considered myself to be an artist and a mother.”

For 16 years, Zyduck has been exploring her artistic interests through various avenues. Along with body art, she has also been an award-winning sugar cake artist and has been featured in magazines for her cake decorating.

Small business owners in all fields often point to persistence and the need to constantly push forward as the keys to making their companies successful. Zyduck tends to agree with this approach.

Kathleen Zyduck, an entrepreneur and independent artist, offers a variety of unique henna art styles for her clients.

Kathleen Zyduck, an entrepreneur and independent artist, offers a variety of unique henna art styles for her clients.

“There are always things that will maybe happen, so my job is to turn those maybes into realities,” she explains. “It’s all about selling yourself, knowing what you’re talking about, and knowing what you’re doing.”

She describes her body art style as Persian and is heavy on the use of gold jewel tones. In her words, the demographics of her customers can be extremely wide-ranging, but females are typically those interested in her services.

“I’ve done everything from giving out these tattoos at little kids’ parties  to visiting nursing homes,” she says. “I’ve also done corporate parties and events.”

Henna is great for art, but it is also beneficial to the skin. This is an angle Zyduck uses to encourage others to come to her company.

She enjoys many aspects of her work and role as the owner of a startup company that she hopes to grow quickly in terms of her customer base.

“I love the art form itself. It’s just beautiful, and seeing other people enjoy it is really neat. When you have a small business, you never know where it’s going to lead or what kinds of people you’ll come across.”

Small business owners in nearly every market around the country are up against some competition. For Zyduck, she believes the time she dedicates to customers and her prices ultimately make her startup company stand out. She charges $25 to $50 for many of her tattoos, but some can cost hundreds of dollars if they are very intricate. In addition, she isn’t aware of many other Henna companies from San Diego to Los Angeles, which is another reason that motivated her to choose this particular market for the small business.

To make others aware of Moonlight Arts, LLC, Zyduck places ads on Craigslist and has a Facebook page. Word-of-mouth is a big part of the marketing game as well, though.

Advice For Entrepreneurs

Thanks to her experience as one of the many American small business owners pursuing their passions, Zyduck offers some valuable tips to entrepreneurs.

“You have to make up your mind that you’re going to do something and commit to it,” she says. “Put yourself out there and love what you do. Show people that you love what you do. When it comes to art you have to get people as excited about it as you are.”

She points out that there are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to self-employment.

“The advantage is that you can make your own hours and be your own boss,” she says. “The disadvantage is that there is nobody there to help when something goes wrong or is not working. If there’s something you have to tackle, you just have to do it yourself. I had to force myself to learn a lot about computers.”

As a 1-800Accountant client, Zyduck says she’s been very satisfied with the accounting services for her small business.

“As an artist, I’m definitely not a math person and never got past Math 101,” she says. “I have a lot of trust in 1-800Accountant in handling my tax situation for me. I have already recommended 1-800Accountant to others.”

Photo credit: The photograph of Kathleen Zyduck was provided by Moonlight Arts, LLC and is used with permission.

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