5 Easy Marketing Tips for Small Business

March 24, 2014
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Using social media is one of the many small business marketing strategies to consider implementing.

Using social media is one of the many small business marketing strategies to consider implementing.

As technology and various marketing methods continue to evolve with each passing day, it can be quite difficult to keep up with what’s new and what works best at a given time to spread the word about a small business. 1-800Accountant recommends the following cutting-edge small business marketing strategies:

— Blogging

You might not be a writer at heart, but having a blog for your business that you update once or twice a week can be a powerful marketing tool. Blogs keep websites current and are great for SEO since you get to optimize each post with terminology that is commonly searched for online. Blogging also gives you an outlet to keep customers updated on new products or services, and you can easily coordinate blog posts to be sent out via social media.

— Social media

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube may be very popular for entertainment purposes, but these social networking sites fill a major category in the marketing world today. Hundreds of millions of users are members of these sites worldwide, and many of them offer opportunities for totally free marketing. There are also many inexpensive options to post ads for your small business on pages that get plenty of eyeballs looking at them. If you aren’t using social media for your company today, you are really missing out.

— Search engine optimization (SEO)

Although optimizing websites for search engines isn’t really a new concept, it has become increasingly necessary for small businesses that maintain an online presence. By doing some free research or paying a small amount, you can tap into the language that users communicate with online to determine how they’ll find your website and ways to increase its ranking in search results. It only takes certain keywords and phrases to drive significant traffic to your company’s webpage, which could result in much more business for you.

— Mobile technology/mobile apps

There is nothing more popular these days than high-powered smartphones and tablets. That’s why you should take full advantage of the mobile marketing resources out there for your small business. Whether you want to build a mobile app or ensure your website is fully accessible on these devices, it’s definitely worth exploring the various options out there. More and more industries are going mobile, so don’t jump on the train before it is too late to make a real impact in the mobile realm.

— Crowdfunding

While crowdfunding is not considered a traditional marketing tool, it is an option that can get your business name and idea on the screens of countless Internet users. Crowdfunding is primarily intended to be a newer form of raising capital to fund a business or initiative. However, it is essentially a route you can take to promote an established or startup business to see if others feel strongly enough about putting their money behind it to help you grow. You could simply test the waters and see the reaction to your idea, or you could make a major push to investors to provide you with financial support. The great advantage to crowdfunding is its worldwide reach rather than only having access to a small group of potential investors in your local area.

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