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How to Grow Your Business: Part 4 – Email Marketing

The media environment is constantly changing. New technologies are being developed all of the time, along with innovative new forms of marketing. Business owners developing a budget for marketing for their small business face a bewildering range of options to invest in.   But just because new platforms are created doesn’t mean older forms of marketing […]


How to Pick the Right Entity for Your Business

Starting your own business can be both challenging and rewarding. You want to make sure you get off on the right foot by choosing the type of entity that’s right for you and your business. To help you make the best possible choice, here are some factors to consider along with which business entity might […]


Everything You Need to Know About Forming a C-Corp

C-Corps are a common type of business entity and for a good reason. Their structure offers flexibility and opportunities for growth.  While a C-Corp does offer a lot of benefits, there are also some drawbacks that you should know. Here’s everything you need to know about forming a C-Corp, including how to form one and […]


How to Grow Your Business: Part 3 – Competitor Research

Every business faces competition. There are other businesses out there that want the same customers as you. Your business is only of many options your customers have, so you have no choice but pay attention to your competitors. This is why business growth is never as simple as spending more money, making more products, and […]


Understanding President-Elect Biden’s Tax Plan

Former Vice President Joe Biden is not president yet, but he and his campaign have already shared many policy proposals they plan to advance after Biden takes office. Few proposals have received more attention than his tax plan.  The plan will inevitably go through some changes in its path through the legislative process. Still, we […]


5 Ways Small Businesses Can Market for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is just a few short weeks away, and with it comes new opportunities to boost sales and draw in new customers. There are plenty of options to promote your business, and some will really allow your small business to thrive on this Cyber Monday.  Online retailers expect to see particularly large gains in […]


How to Calculate Quarterly Estimated Taxes in 2021

Figuring out how to manage your taxes is one of the most stressful aspects of running a business. Federal tax law is complicated, and it’s easy for a business owner to make simple mistakes that result in an audit.  You’re probably familiar with the way most non-business owners pay taxes: Employers withhold a small amount […]


Simple Ways to Lower Your Workers’ Compensation Premiums

For business owners, safety should always be a top priority, but no matter what industry you work in, accidents can still happen. An employee could slip and fall or become sick as a result of doing their job. Not only are workplace injuries bad for employee morale, but it’s also costly for employers.  According to […]


8 Great Small Business Saturday Promotion Ideas

Small Business Saturday is rapidly approaching. This year especially, it’s a great way to help local and small businesses alike during a time in which many shoppers would overlook them. In addition to competing with retail giants such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target, small retailers may also have to contend with a drop in sales […]