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What Taxes Do Truck Driver Operators Have to Pay?

Truck drivers are some of the most resilient workers in the country. Long-haul trips, maintaining compliance with the FMCSA, and dealing with poor weather conditions and other drivers are all things truck drivers must deal with regularly. To top it off, truck drivers who are also owner-operators have additional tax requirements to consider. Here is […]


Top 5 Tax Tips for NFT Investors

The hottest new trend in digital finance is the non-fungible token, or NFT. Countless people are buying their way into it, and in some cases making a significant amount of money! The NFT itself is not an entirely new concept, but the market developing around them is a brand new phenomenon. The NFT market depends […]


21 Hot Side Hustles You Can Start in 2022

This is the age of the side hustle. Not only do a growing number of full-time workers have a side hustle, but there are many others who have been able to completely replace their full-time income with side hustles.  Side hustles offer a ton of benefits for workers. On top of bringing in additional income, […]


What Influencers Need to Know About Their Accounting

The influencer industry was valued at a whopping 13.8 billion dollars in 2021, and it will only continue to grow as more brands turn to influencer marketing. Influencers, even ones with smaller followings, can make a ton of cash via YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or blogging. It’s clear that, regardless of the medium, influencer accounting is […]


7 Ways to Grow Your Small Business in 2022

A new year has begun, and small businesses are ready to boost their sales after enduring a period of instability stemming from the pandemic. Now is the time to set smart goals that will help grow your small business.  If you started your business last year, or you’re starting one this year, growth is most […]


What to Know About Coronavirus Relief and Your 2021 Taxes

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in the middle of the 2020 tax season. Uncertainty, social distancing, and state-mandated lockdowns greatly impacted our economy. More businesses have opened back up, and some areas have returned to at least some sense of normal pre-pandemic operations. So what does that mean for calculating your taxes? Early […]


The Ultimate Small Business Tax Deductions Checklist

If you dread tax season every year, you’re not alone. It’s easy to wait until the last minute to prepare and file your small business tax return and figure out your small business tax deductions. No one likes the idea of losing money, and the complex record-keeping and paperwork required can make the whole process […]


How Will My Side Hustle Affect My Taxes?

It’s the age of the gig economy. It’s not unusual for people to work multiple jobs and have a variety of income streams. Perhaps you spend most of your time working with an employer, but you’ve got a side hustle to generate more income.  There’s nothing wrong with working on a side hustle to augment […]


How to Maximize Your Tax Breaks before the End of the Year

The year is almost over, and the holidays are quickly approaching. A lot is going on between last-push marketing efforts, holiday sales, and trying to carve out time to enjoy the holidays. One more thing that you might want to consider is how to maximize year-end tax breaks. You have options available, and you still […]