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Looking for payroll companies for small businesses? We offer quick, easy, affordable payroll, powered by experts. We’ll run your payroll for you, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

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Pay your employees in just a few clicks. Spend minutes on payroll each month instead of hours with our online payroll service for small businesses.
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Our accountants submit your small business payroll taxes every time we run payroll for no additional charge.
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Fast, affordable payroll services for small business
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State ID registration

We work with your state to obtain important state identification pertaining to unemployment and withholding.

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Flat pricing with no hourly rates or hidden fees. No surprises.

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Spend less time running payroll and more time running your day-to-day business.

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Get advice on creating procedures for payroll processing, tax payments and reporting.

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100,000 small businesses served. We have accounting teams in every region and experts in every industry.

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Accounting for everything.

Get help with all things accounting – taxes, bookkeeping, managing payroll processing for small businesses, and more.

How we help



Deliver payroll reports and payroll taxes accurately and on-time and ensure IRS compliance with help from an online payroll specialist.



A bookkeeper for your business to track finances, run payroll reports, make recommendations and help you stay compliant.


Tax Preparation

Business taxes, prepared and filed for you. Maximum savings guaranteed.


Tax Advisory

Year-round support from small business tax experts, proactively planning for tax savings.


Entity formation

We’ll prepare and file your Articles of Organization, file for your EIN, serve as your Registered Agent, help you get your business set up for tax savings, and more.


Secure online portal

Secure online access to your documents and records, and direct messaging with your accountant.


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5 Tips to Make Payroll More Efficient

Operating a small business often involves navigating a critical, yet time-consuming element – payroll, especially if you have employees who expect to receive their paychecks on time. Payroll essentially determines how you and your staff get paid. There are strategies available to improve running payroll, such as using payroll software to eliminate manual processes, that […]
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A comprehensive guide to understanding payroll taxes.

Everything You Need To Know About Payroll Taxes

Payroll is most likely one of the largest expenses you’re responsible for as a business owner. It’s also one of the most important, as you’re the person responsible for ensuring that an employee and their family receive their salary or wages on time so they can pay their expenses. Because payroll is so important to […]
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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as an owner is how and how much you’ll pay yourself. The law orders that you follow certain guidelines when it comes to compensation. There are two standard compensation methods that business owners can consider: an owner’s draw and a salary.

Independent contractors are responsible for paying federal payroll taxes on their own, but you do have the option of only paying them. When you use 1-800Accountant’s payroll service, we’ll automatically file and email them their 1099s at the end of the year with our contractor plan.

Employees who work out of state must submit a withholding exemption or non-residency certificate to their state’s tax agency. This exempts them from tax withholding in the state where your business is headquartered. We can handle that on their behalf when you use our payroll service.

1-800Accountant’s payroll service is high-value and competitively priced. Our robust payroll service costs $979 annually with a $200 setup fee which is waived if you’re already registered with your state. Our accountants submit your payroll taxes every time we run payroll for no additional charge.

1-800Accountant offers payroll and our full suite of services to small businesses operating in every industry and in all 50 states. We do not currently offer our payroll services to small businesses that are operating outside of the United States.

Switching from your current provider to 1-800Accountant’s small business payroll service is easy and hassle-free. When you work with 1-800Accountant, you’ll pay your employees in just a few clicks. Spend minutes on payroll each month instead of hours with our online payroll service for small businesses.

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