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Our team will prepare your taxes, maximize your refund, and file for you. It's as simple as that to get tax peace of mind.

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Get year-round support from small business tax experts, proactively planning for tax season and supporting your business.

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Our professionals will be standing by to defend your return and liaise with the IRS in the event of an audit.

Tax Credits

Tax credits allow many businesses to subtract from what they owe. We’ll help you secure the benefits you're entitled to.

Well worth the cost. The help I receive is great. I message my team any questions I have or make an appointment and they always take care of me. They even help explain things until I understand it. Thanks for such a great service!

John T.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Small Business Taxes:

How can Small Businesses Reduce their Taxes?

There are lots of ways a small business can reduce their tax liability each year. Some common options include choosing the correct entity for your business, being smart about tax elections, and keeping an eye on your Adjusted Gross Income. Working with an accountant or financial advisor is the best bet to ensure small businesses reduce their tax burden and maximize their deductions.

What are Quarterly Estimated Taxes?

If you’re a freelancer or contractor, or you own and operate a small business, the IRS requires that you pay Estimated Taxes four times a year. You can either calculate your payment by making a prediction of what you’ll make in the year, or by tallying the exact amount you made in the quarter.

Quarterly estimated tax deadlines each year fall on:

April 15th June 15th September 15th January 15th of the following year.

Learn more about quarterly estimated taxes.

Can Small Businesses Get a Tax Refund?

Some small businesses can receive a refund from the IRS depending on their entity election. For example, many businesses choose pass-through taxation, where the business earnings are passed to the individual owner’s income tax return. In that case, the owner is required to pay estimated taxes to the IRS and would likely not receive a refund.

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