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What are Real Estate Taxes and the Rental Income Tax Rate?

Real estate taxes are based on the value of a property and are paid on an annual basis. Your income tax rate ranges from 10% to 37% and is determined by many factors.

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Managing rental properties, including traditional, VRBO, and Airbnb can be tedious and time-consuming, leaving little room to devote to tasks outside your expertise. That’s why 1-800Accountant offers real estate accounting services to property managers like you. We make this aspect of rental property management stress-free while providing powerful insights that help make doing business easier.

Real Estate Tax Accounting FAQs

Tax Advisory

How do I calculate taxes on rental income?

To calculate tax on your rental income, you add up all the rent that you’ve received, plus any property-related costs, and subtract the expenses from your gross income.

Tax Advisory

What are the tax benefits of owning rental property?

A real estate CPA or real estate tax accountant can identify business-associated expenses that can often be deducted from your rental income.

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How does rental property affect taxes?

Rental income should be treated like any other form of income when you file your tax return. If your combined incomes exceed a certain amount, you could be bumped to the next tax bracket and be subject to a high tax rate.

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