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No matter your situation, we make sure you get the most out of your individual income tax return. Schedule your free tax savings consultation today.

Personal Tax Preparation and Filing

We’ll prepare your individual income tax return with accuracy guaranteed – no matter how complex your situation is. We review everything with you and file your taxes for you. Enjoy peace of mind while the expert tax accountants handle the complicated stuff!

Maximize Your Tax Savings

Try our personal tax preparation services for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied within that time, we’ll refund the remaining balance of your purchase.

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After 30 days from the initial purchase date, the fees paid are non-refundable. We strongly encourage our customers to utilize fully our products and services in the first 30 days following their purchase to determine if the service is a good fit for you and/or your business. We will withhold a $200 fee for entity classification election filings completed.

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Let our tax professionals prepare your taxes for you. Accuracy guaranteed.

Why 1-800Accountant?
We have certified income tax service experts in every state. Our Enrolled Agents (EAs), Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), accountants, and other tax professionals organize your income and expenses so you can qualify for every possible deduction.


The time it takes to prepare personal taxes depends on many factors, including the complexity of the work. When you work with 1-800Accountant, we’ll prepare your individual income tax return with accuracy guaranteed – no matter how complex your situation is.

LLCs taxed as a partnership or S corporation are pass-through entities but file separate tax returns. The difference is the partnership and S corporation file a tax return to show income, expenses, and what percentage of the profits each partner owns, which then flows onto the partner’s personal tax return.

C corporations pay taxes separately, but S corporations and partnerships still file separately, too – they just don’t pay taxes separately. For partnerships and S corporations, the partner’s share of the profit goes onto their personal return after the business return is prepared.

Generally, you’re able to reduce your taxable income by writing off business losses.
But not all business loss reduces taxable income. For instance, if your business is not operational as yet, but incurs a loss, the deduction is typically disallowed until the business becomes operational.

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