Navigating Small Business Quarterly Estimated Taxes

Learn what IRS quarterly taxes mean for your business and how 1-800Accountant can help.

Navigating Small Business Quarterly Estimated Taxes
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Quarterly Estimated Taxes for Your Business

Most small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals who earn above a certain income threshold must pay federal estimated taxes every quarter. Calculating an estimated tax payment can be complicated, and mistakes can be costly.

That's why thousands of business owners like you rely on 1-800Accountant to calculate their federal estimated tax payments.

Quarterly Estimated Taxes for Your Business

Year-Round Tax Advisory

We support you all year, quarterly tax dates included.

Quarterly Estimated Taxes

We'll calculate what you owe in IRS quarterly payments so you can avoid underpayment penalties and interest.

Identify Additional Savings

We'll find opportunities for tax deductions that generic firms often miss.

"I am a new business owner and 1-800Accountant has allowed me to move with confidence through this time. My tax advisor Jessica R. is both knowledgeable and personable and answers any questions I have with east. I am very grateful to have this company's support within my first year of business."

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Work with the Professionals

If you're concerned about how to pay quarterly taxes, meeting hard-to-understand IRS requirements, or don't have the time or capacity to figure them out, work with the professionals at 1-800Accountant. We make small business estimated taxes easy and stress-free, so you can focus on growing your business. Our small business experts specialize in every industry, including real estate, trucking, and e-commerce, across all 50 states.

Work with the Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions about Quarterly Estimated Taxes

Four times a year, anyone making a profit or has taxable income, but doesn’t have taxes being withheld simultaneously (like a W-2), may need to make quarterly estimated tax payments.
Individuals that receive tax forms other than a W-2 typically have to pay, but there are exemptions for specific professions, such as fishing and farming.
Exempt industries and W-2 employees without additional income sources do not have to pay quarterly taxes.
Small business owners use IRS Form 1040-ES to calculate estimated tax they owe. There are three steps to calculating estimated payments.

  1. Calculate your taxable income based on your marital status and income.
  2. Compute any credits and deductions you may get, such as child tax credits or credits for taxes already withheld.
  3. Calculate your remaining tax due.

If you don’t make sufficient payments throughout the year or on time, then an extra penalty may be added to what you owe on your tax return. That amount will depend on how much you underpaid and exactly how late you were with your estimated payments.
You can pay estimated taxes online or use two additional options the IRS accepts. Fees may apply depending on the method you choose.
  1. Electronic.
  2. Phone.
  3. Mail

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*Based on a $12.2k average 2022 tax refund per client, which is 4x the cost of a full-service package. Source: first-party data.

**Includes average business tax preparation, form completion and submission, record keeping, and other misc admin time. Source.

***Historical first-party data.