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4 Insurance Policies Every Small Business Should Consider

Insurance is a vital tool every business owner needs to protect their assets, and it’s often a legal requirement when it comes to adding employees to your payroll or leasing and buying office space. In addition, insurance is often a requirement for certain partners and a prerequisite to obtaining loans or capital from investors. So, […]

Getting Social with Your Small Business in 6 Easy Steps

Back in the day, a small business owner utilized traditional means of marketing – mailers, emails, radio, newspapers. While today those strategies are still useful, you are doing your business a disservice if your marketing plan doesn’t include social media. How Can Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing?  A social media strategy will help your […]

How to Grow Your Small Business in 4 Easy Steps

Growing your business isn’t an easy prospect, but it’s what owning a small business is all about. As a business owner, you have to put in an incredible amount of work to take your company to the next level. For rapid and sustainable growth, you need strategic planning, stamina, and a competitive edge.  But where […]

Are You Wasting Time on Small Business Bookkeeping?

Even the smallest of small businesses have bookkeeping and accounting needs. Small business owners need basic bookkeeping to keep track of income and expenses. It’s essential for filing taxes, but bookkeeping also gives you essential information for business decisions. How are you planning to expand? How many new staff members can you afford?  Bookkeeping gives […]