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How To Reduce Tax Liability For Small Businesses

Tax liability is something that affects all small businesses. For small businesses, several factors play into tax liability, such as business entity type, due dates, and specific taxes owed. Small businesses can reduce their tax liability by implementing tax-saving strategies. There are ways to save money for yourself and your employees for almost every business […]


Uber and Lyft: Top 8 Tax Deductions for Rideshare Drivers

All Lyft and Uber drivers must file their tax returns as independent, self-employed individuals, which means each driver represents themselves as their own small business! This approach can make tax preparation and reporting business income more difficult, but it also gives drivers extra opportunities for tax deductions. If you’re curious about tax deductions for Uber […]


Influencer Taxes: Everything You Need to Know to Navigate Tax Season

Influencers are tastemakers who shape what their dedicated audiences will embrace or avoid. In some industries, an influencer’s word can mean much more than a celebrity spokesperson or a famous athlete, which isn’t lost on companies engaged in a tight battle for consumer dollars. The influx of money, access, and power to this emerging industry […]


Getting Financially Fit: Top 5 Personal Trainer Tax Deductions

There are more ways to be a self-employed personal trainer today than ever. You could be a traveling personal trainer, coach, or contractor for a larger fitness organization or even offer online training services! Whatever your work looks like, you’ve put in tremendous time, money, and labor to make that work possible. When you’re working […]


Top 7 E-commerce Tax Deductions in 2022

Special tax deductions are available to proprietors of e-commerce businesses. Take advantage of the following e-commerce tax deductions to maximize your tax savings. Tax season is quickly approaching, so now is the time to get your records in order! What is a tax deduction for e-commerce businesses? Tax deductions for online businesses are similar to […]


Nonprofit Taxes: A Helpful Guide to Tax Compliance

Tax law is complicated, especially for businesses, and there is no shortage of challenges and pitfalls business owners can run into if they’re not prepared. Nonprofit taxes and operations come with their own unique set of challenges as well.  The IRS regulates nonprofit organizations in the United States with very precise tax regulations. The rules […]


Making Sales: How Does Sales Tax Work on Etsy?

In the age of e-commerce, online merchants like Etsy are invaluable business platforms for many small businesses. Platforms like Etsy, known as marketplace facilitators, give countless small businesses access to a wider audience and a simpler sales process, but you need to know how to calculate, collect and submit Etsy sales tax information on your […]


4 Small Business End-of-Year Tax Tips for 2022

Q4 is well underway. Small business owners know that now is the time to prepare for 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or you’ve just passed your one-year anniversary, you know that there’s a lot of planning that goes into running a successful business. There’s a lot to juggle between marketing strategies, inventory, budgeting, […]


End-of-Year Income Tax Checklist for the 2022 Tax Year

December is coming up fast, and that means the 2022 tax year is coming to a close with it. Wherever the numbers fall on December 31st, that’s what you have to deal with in April. It’s important to think ahead, go through your income tax checklist, and prepare your business for year-end.  Of course, with […]