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Year-End Accounting Checklist for Small Business Owners

While most people don’t think of tax season as an exciting time to look forward to, it doesn’t have to be something you dread. You’ll be okay if you know what you’re getting into and prepare. And there’s no better time to prepare than right now, especially as we start approaching the end of the […]


Simple Record Keeping for Small Businesses

The question, “How do you keep records for small businesses?” often confuses many business owners. It is not typically associated with the idea of business operation. However, small business bookkeeping, recordkeeping, and their intricacies can yield significant benefits for small business owners. Here is what you should know about bookkeeping and recordkeeping and why you […]


How to Read a Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement

Starting a business is about generating ideas and then putting them into action. You innovate and plan, then you coordinate to make it all happen. That’s starting the business. Keeping the business afloat and helping it grow, however, requires another skill set which includes how to read a profit and loss statement.  To manage your […]


5 Great Things to Know About Rental Income and Taxes

Property management can be a lucrative industry for landlords. It is a fast-paced industry with many moving parts, such as interviewing potential tenants, managing current tenants, and maintaining property quality. Income tax and deductions for rental properties may not be top of mind, but there are certain things about rental income and taxes every landlord […]


Real Estate Accounting: A Simple Guide for Your Complex Business

All small businesses, regardless of industry, require good management and accounting. Your company is a complex system. To run the business well, you need a cool head and the ability to juggle many moving pieces. Real estate business is certainly no exception.  From working with clients to acquiring and managing properties, there are a lot […]


GAAP: What Are Generally Accepted Accounting Principles?

Accounting is a massive and diverse field. Accounting services can include everything from bookkeeping and tax preparation to auditing and business plan development. There is no single path or training required to become an accountant, either.   However, there are some grounding rules and principles that all accountants rely on in all that chaos. And there […]


Accounting for Startups: A Beginner’s Guide to Accurate Finances

Accounting for startups is a crucial piece of starting a new business that entrepreneurs should pay extra attention to. Proper accounting allows your startup to stay compliant with taxes, manage expenses and revenue, and plan for future expansion. Startups have different accounting needs in comparison to established businesses. Here’s your accounting for startups guide. Accounting […]


5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Small Business Accounting

Starting a business can be equally exciting and stressful. Before you can get your business up and running, there’s much to consider regarding small business accounting and taxes. Ideally, a CPA (certified public accountant) tax accountant could handle everything from the initial EIN filing to business tax preparation on your behalf, so you can focus […]


Self-Employed House Cleaner Tax Deductions

Nothing may be more rewarding than laboring all day to clean up a messy house and then seeing how sparkling and new it looks after this hard work. While house cleaning service providers may get this nice dose of satisfaction, they are still like all self-employed professionals who get hit with countless taxes and IRS […]