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What Do Rideshare Drivers Pay in Taxes?

Rideshare driving is one of the most popular industries today. It’s a convenient way for many people to make a living, all while dictating their own schedules. Rideshare drivers are self-employed individuals, like other workers in the gig economy, and therefore must pay their own taxes.  While rideshare services like Lyft and Uber provide tax […]


5 Budgeting Tips for New Small Business Owners

Every business owner wants and needs to make money, but no one wants to have to think about money and cash flow every day and all the time.  You need money to keep building and growing your business, and success means you continue to earn back your investment and more in profit. Ideally, however, you […]


What is burn rate?

Expenses and profits are two of the most vital things small business owners can track. There are at least two ways small business owners can measure funds used to determine business expenses and profitability, which is known as burn rate. You can use the burn rate to establish your business’s economic standing, whether it’s a […]


What Is a Tax Bracket?

Tax law is the most complicated body of law in the United States. Federal income tax is one of the foundational taxes that affects everyone, every individual, and every business. You can’t escape it if you live and work in the United States.  Everyone knows a little about income taxes, but there are many misconceptions […]


How to Start a Fulfillment by Amazon Business

Starting a Fulfillment by Amazon business can lead to great results for sellers who want to appeal to a large customer base. Amazon allows sellers to market and sell products in almost any category and in only five steps.  Although there are only five steps to start an FBA business, there are a few things […]


How Do I File Taxes on Out-of-State Remote Work?

Working remotely has a lot of advantages that many employees enjoy. For many, remote work provides convenience and flexibility that in-person work may not offer. However, one complexity with remote work can arise with taxes.  You may not know that similar terms are used to describe different forms of remote work, and you also may […]


How Do I Calculate My Home Office Deduction?

Some people have been working out of their homes for many years, while others have had to establish a home office recently. Working from home has gone from a luxury to a necessity due to the coronavirus pandemic. Working from home brings its own opportunities and complications as well. It can be a challenge to […]