GoDaddy Bookkeeping Support Shuts Down, eBay Sellers Left Scrambling

June 9, 2022
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Online Sellers Have Less Than 30 Days to Find a Bookkeeping Alternative

GoDaddy bookkeeping clients recently received a surprising notice from the web hosting company: GoDaddy will permanently retire its online bookkeeping software. The news comes as quite a shock, especially to eBay sellers and other e-commerce business owners who have long depended on the service for their operations. 

See the full notice below:  

Online Bookkeeping will retire in 30 days.

After much consideration, we’ve made the decision to discontinue Online Bookkeeping on June 18 , 2022 (update: the new date of the shutdown is June 23, 2022). At that time, the Online Bookkeeping tool will stop importing transactions from your connected channels and your existing data will be archived. To provide you with the best possible experience going forward, we’ve partnered with Intuit to offer you a special discount on QuickBooks Online.

You have until September 30 to download your Online Bookkeeping content. You can either move your data to QuickBooks using our migration tool or export your .csv file and import it to another accounting platform. You’ll receive a prorated return for any time remaining on your term.

We appreciate your business and are here to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

What This Means for eBay Sellers’ Bookkeeping 

Sellers have until the end of September to download all of their data to transfer to a new bookkeeping platform. This deadline puts many in an unfavorable position as they scramble to pick up the pieces. 

Naturally, sellers have a number of questions about what bookkeeping platform they’ll turn to next: 

“Which one will I choose?”

“What kind of service can I expect?”

“How much will it cost?”

“Should I just go the DIY route?” 

Fortunately, sellers don’t have to worry for too long about what platform they can use to pick up where GoDaddy left off. 1-800Accountant is proud to provide excellent bookkeeping service to its clients, including the use of ClientBooks. 

ClientBooks is a premiere bookkeeping software backed by professional bookkeepers. It’s a hassle-free one-stop shop solution to make back-office work a breeze. 

Find a Reliable Bookkeeping System That Integrates with eCommerce Platforms

Clientbooks will sync directly with your bank accounts and credit card accounts so you can keep all your information in one place. Unlocking additional features like unlimited tax advisory is just a quick phone call away.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and support. ClientBooks is backed by our small business experts to guide you and answer your questions. If you feel like offloading bookkeeping tasks entirely, we offer professional bookkeeping services too. We’re accurate and error-free, guaranteed.

Getting set up with ClientBooks is quick and easy and can be completed well in advance of the June 18th GoDaddy bookkeeping shutdown. Schedule an appointment to get started with a free trial of ClientBooks today! 

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