Coffee a singing bowl  a single white candle and crystals sitting on stone

As a licensed massage therapist, Crystal Hawthorne has been in the business of healing people for more than seven years. A graduate of the Swedish Institute of Health and Science with a degree in occupational studies, Crystal learned what it takes to mend bodies and souls. Over the years, Crystal found more ways to help people with her own special brand of healing. Eventually, she decided she wanted a business where she had the freedom to use the techniques she’d learned. In April of 2017, Crystal started her own massage therapy business, Crystal-Lization, LLC, in New York City. Like many new business owners, Crystal was unsure about business tax issues and was stressed out about having to deal with them. To make things easier, she hired 1-800Accountant to handle her taxes. Now, Crystal feels very much at ease knowing she has someone to stay on top of her taxes, freeing her to focus on what she cares most passionately about – helping people and growing her business every day. Crystal is currently working on expanding her business. She plans to continue to sell her spiritual healing products on Amazon and would like to develop her own retail website. Crystal also dreams of one day owning a storefront where she can spread knowledge to people about spiritual healing through her products and massage therapy techniques. Says Crystal, “I wake up and want to always learn new ways of helping people through different types of massage and different healing techniques.”

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