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Dan Madine has always been a natural leader. At Fordham University in the late 1990s, he quarterbacked the Rams football team. Following graduation, his leadership skills landed him a position in a management training program. Beginning in 2001, Dan started honing his coaching and management abilities in the corporate world, often working 85 to 95 hours a week. Says Dan, “It took a lot of sacrifices, but the adversity built a strong character that positioned me for success when future challenges arrived.” In October 2017, Dan decided his coaching abilities had matured to the point that he wanted to set his own course and share his knowledge with more people. That’s when he founded Striped Collar Consulting, LLC. Through Striped Collar, Dan trains leadership teams, providing them with relationship building strategies, helping them through culture changes, and improving employee engagement. “When I think of what makes me happy during a standard workday, it has always been when I spend time coaching others and helping them achieve success,” says Dan. One of Dan’s biggest concerns with starting his own company was the financial accounting. So, he hired 1-800Accountant to help. “In my previous positions, I’d always had an accountant on staff, which actually created a weakness in my abilities,” says Dan. “1-800Accountant plugged that weakness gap and gave me the confidence to move forward.” Now, Dan’s goals are to continue to expand his practice and improve his financial means, so that he can donate more and support those in need in the community, particularly disadvantaged children. “Helping others is what inspires me,” Dan says. “Helping others achieve success at work as well as helping those who are less fortunate than me.”

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