Two dogs in a dog bed with the logo for melanie haynes pet care

Melanie Haynes has always loved animals. All animals, big and small. So when Melanie was in transition from a corporate job, she decided to take her eleven years of pet care experience and start a business that reflected that passion. In March 2017, Melanie officially registered Mel’s Space Coast Services, LLC, and from there Space Coast Pet Services was born. “I did pet sitting casually as a hobby and was a pet owner for many years before taking the leap and starting my own pet care business,” Melanie says. “There’s a huge difference between a professional pet care provider and someone who does it as a hobby, and I knew there was a need for qualified, trained and caring pet care professionals in my area. I decided I would fill that need.” Melanie puts in long hours for her business. What drives her to succeed, besides giving pet owners peace of mind, is providing for her family’s future. “There’s a great sense of pride in knowing that you’ve worked hard to create something from nothing all on your own and, in the process, are able to help others. I want my children to see that hard work can pay off when you’re passionate about what you’re doing.” As a new business owner, Melanie continually seeks to learn new best practices and to keep up with current trends in the industry. She’s had many opportunities to connect with and collaborate with other local small businesses. “When you can find a way to network with other small business owners who hold the same core professional values as you do, it can only lead to positive results,” Melanie says. “My experience has shown me that when you do good, good comes back to you.” Melanie also hired 1-800Accountant for tax preparation and advice. “The prompt and exceptional service I receive from 1-800Accountant has tremendously helped my success,” says Melanie. She’s thankful that her personal tax advisor answers any questions she has in a timely and detailed manner, and help is always just a phone call or email away. “It’s definitely been worth the investment as a new business owner to make sure my business has a successful financial ground from the start. I feel very confident going into tax season and beyond.” Melanie has big plans for her business. She’s currently enhancing the services she offers to ensure that Space Coast Pet Services continues to be the premier pet care company in the area. Says Melanie, “I’m really excited to see ideas become reality and watch my company grow into more than I ever dreamed.”

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