Rear of pickup truck

Terry Rude of Fairview, Oregon decided one day to build a simple extension for his short-bed pickup truck in order to accommodate bigger loads than an ordinary pickup would allow. After receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from motorcycle enthusiasts and even the folks at Home Depot urging him to patent and market the truck bed extension, Rude knew he had a potentially booming small business on his hands. So he decided to formally establish Rud Truck Accessory, LLC in January 2015.

Rude runs Rud Truck Accessory independently, with the help of a part provider and manufacturer. He has confidence in the product he builds out of his home office. With more and more people buying pickups, there is a huge demand for something like this.

“My product can be made for any truck, so it’s going to be a hit,” he enthuses. “I think following my business plan will be what makes me successful.”

The entire process of coming up with the product, manufacturing it, and learning the administrative aspects of small business ownership has been exciting to Rude. In fact, he’s downright giddy.

“I wanted to be satisfied with the entire process of taking an idea all the way through the proto-typing, the patenting, the trademark, the name, and the website. There are so many things you have to know how to navigate legally and professionally that you can’t help but learn stuff along the way. But I’ve enjoyed that. The product is now such a small part of all of this,” he explains.

In terms of competition, Rude admits he was surprised to discover that a product like this wasn’t already a hot item on the market.

“When you go online and look at different truck accessory shops, there’s a column that lists all of the categories, and there’s nothing having to do with a truck bed extension. These accessory shop owners don’t have confidence in those products. But I’ve been so dang busy that I can’t even keep up with all of the potential business,” Rude elaborates.

Rude is quickly learning that he’d better start keeping up because everywhere he goes, his product turns heads. Now that the legalities of starting up the small business are solidified, he can go full throttle with the marketing aspects of Rud Truck Accessory. In fact, he had to create a website — — so he would have something to put on the business cards people were asking him to make.

Challenges of Startup Success

As with anything that is worth doing, small business ownership has been an exciting challenge for Rude.

“Every single facet has been a challenge. Working full time, raising a family, and doing this on the side has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, but I’ve done it successfully,” he confides.

Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to achieve startup success, Rude offers the following advice.

“Face each challenge as an individual step. Complete each step as it comes, because you can’t move on until you complete it. Just stay where you are until that step is completed. Don’t give up because it will eventually happen. You have to be passionate, or else don’t even go there.”

Experience as a 1-800Accountant Client

Terry Rude is a satisfied client of 1-800Accountant.

“As a client of 1-800Accountant, I’m operating within all of the legal guidelines. I’ve always worked for someone else and no one else has paid my taxes, so I never had to worry about that. And I’ve always worked within those parameters and don’t want to stray from that now. I’m looking forward to all of the savings I’m going to get.”


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