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Angel Toussaint, author of the book titled, The Right Way to Write it Down…Goal-Storming, and co‑founder of Life’s Power and You, says, “Sometimes we need a little pick-me-up to get motivated about our life goals.”

Life’s Power and You is a small specialized business and a client of 1-800Accountant. The company and its founders strive to do this through their information-based website and by selling motivational products through their online storefront. Their products consists of books, motivational photo prints and their exclusive “Goal Rocks.” Information is shared on their website and via their weekly and monthly newsletters.

Incorporated in Nevada and officially launched in November 2013, the owner of the small business says the business – and becoming an author – is icing on the cake. The actual making of the cake was developing success in the most important thing there is in life – family and close friendships. She has an abundance of warmth and love for her family and close friends, and she is loved and cherished by them.

“Knowing I will be deeply missed when I am dead by those I cherish is the greatest reward a person can receive,” she says. “Growing this business and authoring books lets me believe that I am helping others make their cakes, find their favorite icing, and add their decorations. The final decorations on my cake will be building this company to positively influence others to reach their desired life ambitions, to author more books to help people move forward, and to keep the company growing.”

Toussaint published her first book after the launch of Life’s Power and You. The book is titled The Right Way to Write it Down…Goal-Storming. It’s designed as a daily journal/workbook with 3 daily writing tasks, a few short stories, and lots of motivational quotes intended to keep the spirits of its readers high.

“I’ve come across a lot of people complaining about life, not being satisfied, and not having any belief that life can be fun and fulfilling,” she says. “Some people fully focus on what is wrong in their lives, and they continue to find more and more to complain about, which stifles them into standing still and simply existing – not living. People need motivation and something positive every single day because life gets hard every single day. I created this company and wrote the book to get people focused on positive and their abilities to change their circumstances. Being able to help other people succeed is success to me.”

The company consists of the 2 founders, a small board of directors, and a hand full of 1099 contractors. She believes the key to success of any business is offering what others really need or want.

“You have to have something people need or want. Then you have to let them know you have it. When you get something out there in front of enough people, have them use it, like it, and tell others about it. That is how you will grow.”

To get the word out about what Life’s Power and You offers, she plans to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc, cold-calling, mailers, and other advertising media.

While she is still narrowing down their target demographic based on who buys the company’s items, she believes they can be most beneficial for customers who are over the age of 25.

Small Business Startup Challenges

Owning a startup company can be an adventure at times. There are hurdles that must be endured and overcome along the way. Toussaint has faced many of these challenges.

“I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I have taken the necessary steps to avoid those same mistakes going forward,” she says. “I talk to the IRS, small business advisors, and I hire professionals when needed. I circumvent many hurdles by hiring professionals like 1-800Accountant for support.”

Tips For Entrepreneurs Looking To Establish A Startup Company

She offers several valuable pieces of advice for aspiring small business owners in search of the American dream.

“First, take a few deep breaths,” she says. “Then plot out your business plan. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it should include all of your business goals and how you plan on attaining them in a step-by-step manner. Narrow down your market and start small.

“Also, don’t be afraid of the IRS. You should call the IRS business center and talk to multiple agents. They won’t give out specific advice, but if you ask the right questions, you can glean a lot of information from them. Some agents are willing to advise without giving advice – if you know what I mean. Visit the IRS website as well. Hire a professional accountant like 1-800Accountant and a lawyer who can help you through all of this.

“Finally, if starting a small business is truly what you’re supposed to do, nothing will make you give it up. You’ll sacrifice everything to get it done. Don’t beat yourself up for things you consider failures because they’re not really failures – they’re building blocks to get to the final result.”

1-800Accountant Review

As a 1-800Accountant client, she says the national accounting and business consulting firm has been a big help to her startup company.

“I’ve been extremely satisfied with 1-800Acountant’s services,” she says. “They do great follow-up work and keep me on my toes. I would highly recommend 1-800Accountant to any entrepreneurial startup company because of their fee structure. As entrepreneurs, we have very limited capital, but the services are affordable for everyone, and the staff is always very helpful and encouraging.”

Image credit: The image of the book cover included in this blog post was provided by Life’s Power and You and is used with permission.

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