Three green candles

Entrepreneur Anton Karbanovich knows all about web development and Internet marketing. He also knows that there are lots of children in need around the world. So, he decided to combine these two factors by taking the leap of faith to start his own small business.

Officially called Melt Candle Company, LLC, Karbanovich launched the home-based venture in October 2016. While he has a residence in Belarus, the business was registered in Oak Harbor, Washington. That’s where his mother and business partner, Larysa, resides.

“I put this business together completely from my own computer,” Karbanovich explains, noting how so many business services are now available entirely online these days. “I found a manufacturer here in Belarus to make these candles that we sell. I then have them shipped to the U.S. where Larysa is fulfilling all of the orders.”

The entrepreneurial family sells the candles on its website, eBay, and There are about 70 styles of candles in its varied selection. “I’m in close contact with the manufacturer, and we come up with our own ideas on shapes, colors, designs, wicks, and other characteristics. The candles are perfect for home décor.”

Some of the larger candles have 6 wicks and weigh 4 pounds. Some are hand painted with a Christmas theme. Others are made into the shape of fruit, such as oranges and lemons. There are even outdoor candles designed to brave the breeze on a patio.

In addition to selling items that can light up a room, the company is also brightening the lives of needy children.

“We donate a percentage of our sales to a charity called Top Kids, which helps orphans and children in foster families,” Karbanovich says. “Our goal is to help as many children as we can. We want to make a profit but also want to give back.”

He says one of the reasons he decided to dive into entrepreneurship was to demonstrate what his home country can do for the world.

“I ultimately wanted to show that Belarus can manufacture something beautiful and useful for others.”

In his words, Karbanovich says the power of the Internet and the global economy are two incredible elements for small business owners that can make business ownership possible anywhere today.

“My business has no borders and no limits,” he enthuses. “You can dial my U.S. company phone number and talk to me in Belarus. You can open bank accounts, use accounting services, register a business, rent items, and connect with customers – all from a single computer with an Internet connection.”

Competition In The Candle Industry

As in most fields, Karbanovich admits he’s up against a large number of companies and individuals selling candles. However, he has illuminated his own unique niche in the candle marketplace.

“We have a few key selling points. We offer innovative designs and shapes of our candles that you probably won’t find anywhere else. These candles are also all handmade, but we can provide a competitive price for them. Plus, we have a bigger purpose than just making a profit through our charitable giving.”

Spreading The Word

To make others aware of Melt Candle Company, LLC, the firm has a website and social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus, the owners plan to send all purchases out in branded packaging.

Advice For Aspiring Small Business Owners

He offers up some valuable advice for those who have the goal of starting a business of their own someday.

“Outsource your work to the professionals as much as possible,” he advises. “Let the broker handle your paperwork. Let the accountant do your tax filings. Let the photographer take pictures for your website. While all of this does require a big investment, it will pay off in the end.”

1-800Accountant Client Experience

Anton Karbanovich is a client of 1-800Accountant and says he is very grateful for the support he has received from the national small business accounting firm. “1-800Accountant has sorted out all of our tax and accounting requirements for us,” he says. “Exporting our products from Belarus has posed a few challenges, but we’ve been very satisfied with the assistance we’ve received to be able to do what we are doing.”

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