Tylor trucking

Gwendolyn Taylor had been a registered nurse for most of her working life. As she neared retirement, though, she began to think about starting a business, preferably with her son Aaron. Not only would this business become her retirement plan, but it would create something to leave as a legacy for her children and grandchildren. Like many parents, she wished to give her family a better life, one they’d be able to pass on from generation to generation. So with that in mind, Taylor pursued a business in an industry that was entirely new for her – vehicle transportation. Each year, millions of new and used vehicles must be transported from one place to another by truckers, some of whom are independent. Taylor saw a chance to enter a niche industry that could benefit her family. To her surprise, Taylor realized that transporting vehicles isn’t as distant from nursing as she initially believed. Her medical background gave her the desire to serve people in every aspect of her life. She’s constantly asking herself, “Who else can I help? Taylor is a very motivated and self-driven business owner. Once she sets her mind to something, she makes sure she accomplishes it. One early challenge for Taylor was finding a large truck and trailer in good working condition that she could afford. Taylor visited a dealer and was able to obtain a significantly reduced price on a brand new truck and trailer. In return, she would do business with the dealer, transporting vehicles at a reasonable cost. It became a great opportunity for both of them. Taylor started her business venture, along with son Aaron, in May 2017. They named the business “It’s Me Again Carrier.” In the future, they hope to have multiple trucks and trailers – what they call “units” – on the road transporting vehicles. While the business has begun serving customers in Georgia, the hope is to expand it to multiple states. To keep her business running smoothly, Taylor takes advantage of accounting services provided by 1-800Accountant. “I love 1-800Accountant,” says Taylor. “They have helped me so much along this journey! They are extremely organized, easy to communicate with and very knowledgeable! I will be referring my daughter to 1-800Accountant.” 1-800Accountant is glad to help. We’re a virtual accounting firm merging the convenience of technology with live support from accounting professionals. We offer a complete suite of personalized accounting, tax, bookkeeping, advisory, and payroll services to individuals and small businesses at an affordable price. Schedule your consultation with America’s leading small business accounting firm.

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