Tax Advice + Audit Defense

Do you have tax questions? Need help with an audit-related matter? We understand that your time is valuable and we’re here to assist you!

Your New Tax Strategy

Year-round answers to all your tax questions, delivered by a team of experienced accountants and tax professionals from the nation’s leading virtual accounting firm.

No Limit on Questions

Enjoy year-round access to experienced tax experts.

Tax Review

We will review your prior year’s return, ensuring no deduction was missed.

We Have You Covered

Client representation, communication, and preparation of all materials in any audit dealings with the IRS and state tax authorities.

We Keep You Prepared

Development of action plan and communication strategy with the appropriate tax authority, along with the preparation of all documents and audit responses.

Experts on Your Side

Enrolled Agents (EA) and Certified Public Accountants (CPA) act on your behalf.

Access to Resources

Stay up-to-date with tax tips, notifications, and a resource center packed with info to help you reduce your taxes.