Payroll FAQs

Why hasn’t my payroll been run?

It takes up to a month for some states to set up Payroll State Registration. Once registered, we can begin running payroll for your business. If you are currently set up for payroll but need to run an amount for this pay period, please message your payroll specialist.

What happens after I purchase payroll?

Your payroll specialist will reach out with information about your onboarding payroll appointment and ultimately to register with your state. We cannot run payroll until the registration process is complete.

How do I add new employees to my payroll?

To add new employees to your payroll, you will need to submit a billing support request form to the 1800Accountant billing department, so they can add additional employees to your payroll subscription. Once it is added, you can go to the payroll organizer in the client portal and click on employees under the Payroll tab. You will see the +New Employee in green.

Submit Billing Support

What if an employee I have works out of state?

You will need to register your business in each state where your employees will be working. Please contact your payroll specialist to learn more.

What are the payroll tax deadlines?

There are three payroll tax deadlines. If you’re already running payroll with us, your payroll specialist will be running these quarterly payroll reports for you automatically and remitting the taxes to the respective tax authorities.

If you aren’t currently running payroll with us you’ll use Line 12 of Form 941 to determine the amount and the deadlines that apply to you.

If you paid less than $50,000 for the lookback period, you’ll deposit payroll taxes monthly.
If you paid more than $50,000 for the lookback period, you’ll deposit payroll taxes semiweekly.

For monthly depositors, you’ll have until the 15th of the next month following employee payment to make a payroll tax deposit.

For semiweekly depositors, you’ll use two schedules:

  1. Payroll taxes paid on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday require additional payments by the following Friday.
  2. Payroll taxes paid on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday require additional payments by the following Wednesday.

The final payroll tax deadline is next-day deposits for employers who paid more than $100,000 in the lookback period. You’ll deposit payroll taxes the next day for both the current year and next year.

For more information, please speak with your Payroll Specialist.

Do you file quarterly payroll tax returns?

Yes, We file the federal and state quarterly payroll tax forms on your behalf.

Do you file the annual filings for payroll?

We file the annual federal payroll tax return and W-2s for your employees on your behalf.

Are you able to help me determine how much salary I should take?

Yes, please speak to your tax advisor to help you make a determination regarding salary.

How can I make changes to my payroll?

Send a message to your payroll specialist in the message center in your 1-800Accountant Portal to request changes to your payroll.

Message My Specialist

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