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Journalist Carrie Sheffield saw a country divided by its political parties. But instead of being satisfied with the status quo, she decided to do something about it. Carrie teamed up with celebrity Clay Aiken and founded a new digital network called Bold Media Enterprise, Inc. – a true bipartisan news media outlet – in November 2015. Carrie has been a news correspondent for more than a dozen years. After graduating with a journalism degree in 2005, she moved to Washington and wrote for The Hill newspaper, then for Politico when it was just a startup. She next wrote editorial pieces for The Washington Times, before achieving a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University. Suffice it to say that Carrie is passionate about politics because it affects everyone’s lives. “I’m driven by a desire to help make the world a more peaceful, unified, and happy place,” says Carrie. “And that’s so much easier said than done.” In starting Bold Media Enterprises, Carrie faced many hurdles. Says Carrie, “Initially, one of the challenges we found was that it was hard to bring in outside capital to a media company because a lot of venture capitalists and financial investors are not interested in media.” But instead of giving up, Carrie transformed the challenge into an opportunity. Rather than trying to attract investors, she pursued sponsors for the business. The sponsorship model allowed Carrie to retain her own vision for the company. To keep costs down but still preserve the company’s financial integrity, Carrie hired 1-800Accountant to handle day-to-day accounting needs. “1-800Accountant has been very responsive to our needs from an accounting standpoint,” says Carrie. The outlook for Bold is bright. Bold airs three shows: Bold Politics, Bold Life, and Bold Business. The company’s focus is on growing the audience and the community for each. The company is also in conversations with a number of exciting partners for distribution and sponsorships. Carrie wants to encourage everyone to be bold. “Live your boldest life possible,” she says.

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