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In July 2018, when Gary Angel made his healthcare IT consulting business official by filing it as an LLC, he saw it as a sideline of work – a way to make a little extra cash to supplement his regular job. He didn’t know that soon he’d be working the equivalent of two full-time jobs. Now, Gary’s getting so many quality referrals he can barely keep up with them. Good thing he enjoys what he does Trained in computer programming, Gary first started in telecommunications, then switched to the auto industry. Eventually, he found himself at the University of Michigan, where he worked his way into the healthcare side of information technology. In 2002, Gary moved on to the Detroit Medical Center, where he was introduced to Cerner programming and its applications. He’s been serving in various IT consulting roles ever since “I really enjoy my work,” says Gary. “I enjoy programming. I enjoy the challenges of working with people. I enjoy problem-solving” He says he feels lucky to be working with very kind and good people at hospitals around the region Like many entrepreneurs, Gary filed his business as an LLC because he wanted to separate his business assets from his personal assets. It was a smart business decision. Another smart decision was hiring 1-800Accountant to assist him with business accounting. “It’s helped in the fact that I’m probably more on top of my tax situation,” says Gary. “I have a better idea of when things need to be done, thanks to Marc. He’s been about as easy to work with as one could ask for. Gary can envision a day soon when he’s working only for himself. Ideally, though, he’d like to cut down from the 80 hours a week he’s currently working to about 60. Says Gary, “We’ll see what the future brings.”

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