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Patricia Florez of Miami, Florida is not new to small business ownership. Having tried her hand in real estate, designing, as well as soap and accessory businesses, Florez picked a winner with M3LT Fitness, LLC. Formally established in January of 2015, Florez works as the sole mastermind of M3LT Fitness out of her home office. Through M3LT Fitness, the entrepreneur provides for her clients the tools they need to achieve success with their health goals.

“I work with men and women — mostly women — to provide a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness. Including an exercise program in their lives will encourage them to succeed and achieve their goals faster. They can take over the world if they want to! If they exercise and eat healthy, then they can think clearly, their ideas will be better, and life will be easier to manage,” Florez says.

After discovering the benefits of doing yoga regularly, Florez became a certified instructor. She decided to combine her background in art and design with her love for healthy living to come up with her own fitness apparel line, in addition to personal training services.

“I started noticing how empty people were and noticed people having conversations that weren’t very deep. I discovered that just exercising and eating right is a necessary and essential component of existing,” she explains.

She also took an interest in the senior citizens in her life who could benefit from what she was able to provide for them.

“I see the older people around me who are wonderful and talented but have never exercised and their bodies ache. We all love our elders, but when they get sick, they wonder why. Well, maybe if they held themselves in the plank position for 10 seconds a day, they’d feel so much better,” she says.

Florez believes her artistic background will have a lot to do with her success. She has combined comfort with style through the fitness gear she has designed, using her personal style as inspiration for her products. Florez ultimately wants to create fitness gear you could wear heels with if you’re in a hurry.

“I like to be well-dressed, but if I want to throw myself on the floor and stretch my leg out, I’d like to be able to do that,” she enthuses.

For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to achieve startup success themselves, Florez offers these words of advice.

“I would say to exercise and breathe! Take one step at a time, little by little. You’ll get there. Focus on your accomplishments and what you weren’t able to do before,” Florez encourages.

M3LT Fitness has a Facebook page.

Competition in the Wellness Industry

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and equally good-looking residents, so competition runs rampant amongst small businesses offering personal training services and apparel. Still, Florez’s friendly approach, enthusiasm, and aesthetically-pleasing apparel will set her apart from the pack.

“There is a lot of competition in Miami. There are a lot of shops that sell clothes. I think it’s in my background to be able to achieve something like that, so it is quite possible for me to compete with bigger brands. The people online can also be competitive, but I have a cool brand,” she confides.

Advantages of Small Business Ownership

“I like to be independent. I think I can control these things – my business, my life. For me, just the freedom to do anything I want to do and the freedom to travel and go wherever I want is the advantage,” she admits. “I’ve always wanted a business, so I’ve always had a business. They change because there’s always something missing, but all of those businesses that don’t exist right now have led me to this point.”

Experience As a 1-800Accountant Client

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