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Thanks to his own personal experience, William Wall, a gaming analyst based in Wetumpka, Alabama fell into the supplement and wellness industry. While attempting to cure his asthma, Wall learned that he had some vitamin deficiencies. Once he sought out simple solutions to strengthen his health, he lost weight. In August of 2014, Wall formally established Trim Body, LLC, a small business he runs out of his home office. Trim Body is a web-based small business.

“I lived a very sedentary lifestyle as an analyst, and gained weight as a result of that. I started taking supplements and walking, and I lost weight without even trying. I learned that I have a skill to write, and I started writing about it and developed a business model.”

Before formally setting up his entity, Wall was already at work on an e-book, Trim Body Today, and developing his ideas.

“I wasn’t trying to sell supplements at first, but I thought I’d make an easy, economic way to provide supplements to those who want or need them. I just figured if I made it affordable, online, and easy, people would want to choose my brand. I’m going to be selling specific vitamins based on my research,” he explains.

Wall was inspired to achieve startup success once he realized the value of the information he had learned firsthand. He’s more interested in the personal success of his clients before the success of the small business.

In addition to his sincere interest in the personal success of his clients, Wall believes his lighthearted approach to handling his small business will be what sets him apart from others in the supplement and wellness industry. Instead of dizzying his audience with health and nutrition lingo, he tries to keep things as simple as possible so the information he provides will be as understandable and straightforward as possible.

“If I have a successful business, that’s fine,” he says, “but it would be very gratifying to change the lives of a few people.”

Wall believes his simplified approach to educating his audience will be what brings him success. It is easy for people to get bogged down with too much information, and become overwhelmed by all of the options that are available. Wall is providing his customers with an easy go-to in the form of an online store and e-book.

“I try to make things very clear to the average person. I don’t write in hard terms. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time. I’m giving people simple tools so they can take control of their lives,” he explains.

What the entrepreneur enjoys most about his work is the health improvements he has seen in his own life once he put together a wellness plan for himself. Once he incorporated healthy habits into his own routine, he stopped having acid reflux and his memory improved, in addition to weight loss. He is content with his life regardless of the business, but thinks he has what it takes to help people. Because people tend to question the sincerity of complicated research that is spouted off at them, Wall hopes to simplify that research for his audience to make it more approachable.

Wall is not concerned about competitors in his industry.

“Most business plans are overly ambitious. I look at it as I’m going to reach one person who will reach one person. If I change the world I’ll be surprised, but that’s good too!”

Wall hopes to target young people who think they’re invincible, and seem to be addicted to sitting. He recommends doing little things like taking 10-minute walks 3 times a day and getting a little sunshine. Still, he thinks people who are closer to his age might be more interested because he’s more relatable to them.

“I’m a fair-profit organization, not necessarily a for-profit,” he says. “My target market is people who sit all the time and don’t go out in the sun.”

The entrepreneur has been educating himself on marketing techniques by taking classes online. He is working on building an online presence. He thinks social media will be the best way to connect with his clients, and might even advertise on television in the future.

“I’m going to try to create touch-points with customers any way I can,” Wall explains.

Overcoming Challenges and Tips for Entrepreneurs

Many small business owners would agree that the hardest part of achieving start up success is creating something out of nothing. Wall was not exempt from this, and initially questioned the probability of building something from an idea, as economically as he could.

“Is it worth pursuing?” he asked himself. “Is it worth investing time, energy, and resources into this project?”

For entrepreneurs planning to startup a small business, Wall offers the following advice.

“Don’t ever give up on your dreams of building a small business. You can have failures along the way and feel like you want to quit, but an entrepreneur is who you are, not what you do.”

Experience as a 1-800Accountant Client

Wall has been satisfied with the services 1-800Accountant has provided for him.

“Accounting is not my strong point. I even have an associate’s degree in accounting just to help me. It is a big business weakness. 1-800Accountant is helping me with my bookkeeping, keeping track of my expenses, my business taxes, and my personal return.”

Photo credit: The photographs included in this blog post were provided by Trim Body, LLC and are used with permission.

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