Cristin Curl and Active Nutrition Amarillo – Healthier Lives, A Thriving Business

When Cristin Curl attended the University of Central Arkansas on a basketball scholarship, she was interested in losing a little weight. That’s when she turned to Herbalife, a global nutrition and weight management company. Additionally, she started playing soccer and had now lost 20 pounds. It was a decision that changed Cristin’s life in important and unpredictable ways.

Cristin took her degrees in both business management and physical education and moved to Australia, where she eventually worked in disability support. In addition to reconnecting with Herbalife as a product user, Cristin began selling Herbalife products to supplement her earnings. It was a part-time gig that turned into a three-and-a-half year commitment.

Soon, the structure of nutrition and weight management started to change. People began opening nutrition clubs. Cristin took this as her cue to move back to her hometown of Amarillo, Texas, where she explored opening a nutrition club of her own. She got training as an International Herbalife Wellness Coach, signed a lease for retail space, and created a limited liability company (LLC). On January 15, 2019, Cristin opened the doors of Active Nutrition Amarillo.

Active Nutrition Amarillo offers a vibrant social space where Cristin can talk to people about wellness and nutrition. The storefront provides comfortable seating and displays the work of local artists on the walls. Cristin also sells shakes, teas, and energy drinks to customers wanting nutritious beverage options. “I have a passion for helping people get healthy,” says Cristin. “It’s so much fun! And it’s extremely rewarding when you have someone come up to you and say, ‘You changed my life, thank you.’”

While learning the ropes of running a business, Cristin realized she wasn’t a tax-centric person. She needed a company that could help her with every step of the business process. That’s when she went online and found 1-800Accountant. 1-800Accountant matched her needs at a reasonable price.

During her initial 1-800Accountant consultation, Cristin had a list of questions ready. Thomas, her tax accounting expert, was able to answer all of them. He provided time frames and offered a detailed tax plan for Cristin’s business. About 1-800Accountant, Cristin says, “You guys are on the ball when it comes to tax changes, staying in contact with what to expect.”

Where does Cristin see herself in the future? Looking at the big picture, Cristin would like to expand her business to other cities. She’d like to see Active Nutrition clubs not just in Amarillo but in Austin, Texas, Colorado, and maybe even in New Castle, Australia.

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