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Jason Meijers and Derek Uyeda of San Diego, California share a mutual love of golf. While Uyeda was working as Meijers’ golf instructor, they came up with Statcaddy, LLC, a system of tracking their game statistics down to the last detail as a method of taking their game playing to the next level. Established in November of 2014, they operate their small business out of a home office. Statcaddy can be used by anyone looking to improve their game, but the target demographic for the small business is professionals, college players, and juniors.

Statcaddy will be a multi-platform system, having a presence both online and on mobile devices. According to Meijers, the objective of their small business is to turn good players into great players, helping the golfers who utilize Statcaddy advance their game to a more professional level. Meijers explains why they decided to start up a business such as this one.

“Every round that we play, we have to write down statistics and data points. It’s a very subjective game in regards to where your problems are. You don’t get that much time to practice, and when you do have time, you’d rather play than practice. You don’t see where your problems are until you look at them in critical data,” he explains.

Uyeda elaborates, “It’s easy once you see the data in front of you to see where you need to improve; otherwise your game isn’t going to improve until you pinpoint that. Jason is trying to play professionally, so he needs to be good in every single category. No one has done the stat tracking to the degree that we have.”

Small Business Competition

Meijers and Uyeda listed three reasons why their small business will succeed: the statistical tracking Statcaddy allows, the user-friendliness of the startup, and the connections they both have made during their time on the golf course. The fact that their product is essential for their development in the sport gives them added confidence.

“The problem with other stat trackers is that the ease of use isn’t really there. A lot of them are out of date. A lot of them aren’t as detailed as professional players would need,” says Meijers.

Plans of Startup Success

Although Meijers and Uyeda are in the beginning stages of development, they are aiming high. The business partners and golfers plan to make Statcaddy the official stat-tracking platform for professional players, and they plan on achieving this through an online and in-person presence by advertising at tournaments, on both a small and large scale. They are confident in their ability to achieve success with their startup, because any range of professional golfer will need to track their statistics at some point or another. Their website is, and they have a Facebook page.

Collaborating with Meijers on Statcaddy has given golf instructor Uyeda the opportunity to develop his career even further, both instructing golf on the course and trying his hand in the business side of things with the LLC.

“I’ve been teaching golf for 20 years. I love it and there’s nothing else I’d rather do,” Uyeda admits, “but I think a lot of my focus will shift toward this business.”

Experience with 1-800Accountant

For other entrepreneurs in the startup phase of their small businesses, Meijers and Uyeda agree: “Use 1-800Accountant!”

“We both have absolutely no idea what we’re doing as far as the tax stuff goes. We haven’t gotten to the complexities yet, but we appreciate your mentorship,” Meijers confides. “We’d be lost without you guys.”

Image credit: The logo included in this blog post was provided by Statcaddy, LLC and is used with permission.

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