Man leaning against an exercise ball in front of three smiling people

Kym Peck loves working out. So, in her mind, she thought that there would be no better way to share this passion with others than to start a fitness business for a population that is in dire need of physical activity.

Peck established Live 2 B Healthy, a formal franchise venture in Pleasanton, California that launched in October 2016.

“I provide customized fitness classes for senior communities mainly through group sessions,” Peck explains. “The people I work with are generally between 70 and 99 years of age.”

The fitness activities she helps her elders partake in include yoga, zumba, water workouts, and strength and balance exercises. Not only are these activities designed to help seniors increase their strength and fitness, but also a larger goal is to help them live more independently so that they can do more things for themselves.

“I have been a personal trainer for 15 years working with seniors, but I wanted to do more,” she says. “I wanted to bring my physical fitness activities to communities and larger groups.”

She says the impact on her clients has been extremely rewarding.

“We test with a baseline and look at flexibility, balance, and upper and lower body strength,” she says. “I have seen some amazing results in so many of my clients.”

The Joys of Self-Employment

Helping others makes self-employment such an enjoyable endeavor for the 53-year-old entrepreneur.

“It’s incredibly rewarding,” she enthuses. “I love working with seniors. These people just add so much to my life. Ultimately, it’s all about relationships, and they are so kind to me. I just know I’m making a difference each day.”

She describes how her clients respond to her.

“I walk into a room and they immediately perk up. They are so happy to see someone new because their lives can be quite repetitive.

Spreading The Word About A Small Business

Peck utilizes a variety of both online and offline strategies to make others aware of her small business. Her franchise’s website is, and she has a Facebook business page for her local franchise. Additionally, she sends out press releases, holds fun events, participates in speaking engagements, advertises in relevant publications, and attends health fairs.

Entrepreneurial Challenges

Admittedly, Peck is no stranger to the common hurdles entrepreneurs face early on in small business ownership – and throughout the process.

“My biggest challenge has been the administrative side of the business. I am much more familiar with managerial accounting versus financial accounting. Business taxes and business accounting have been a whole new thing for me.”

Advice for New Small Business Owners

Based on her experience, Peck recommends that all newbies to business ownership should always outsource any tasks they aren’t comfortable doing to the pros. She adds that there are both benefits and drawbacks to self-employment.

“As an employee of some gyms, I have very little control over my time, the format of the programs I offer, and various other aspects. With my company, I control all of those things. But at the same time, I can’t blame anyone else but myself for anything that goes wrong. On a positive note, it’s also a good retirement strategy, and I think it’s good for my kids to see how I operate as a business owner.”

1-800Accountant Client Experience

Kym Peck relies on 1-800Accountant for small business tax and accounting support so she can focus on running her business.

“I have been very satisfied with 1-800Accountant,” Peck says. “They are handling all of my tax and accounting needs but are also teaching me how to do some of this myself. The sharing of information has been seamless.”

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