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Open an Online Store for Your Small Business in 6 Easy Steps

Small businesses are using online stores as another way to market products. While brick-and-mortar stores are still a popular way to conduct business, a more efficient way to conduct business is to open an online store. Opening an online store offers several advantages that brick-and-mortar stores may not provide. Here’s the process of opening an […]


How to Consolidate Small Business Debt

Small business debt is something that affects businesses in every industry. When it’s challenging to pay several loans, consolidating your debt may seem like an appropriate option to manage debt over time.  If you want to consolidate your small business debt, it’s critical that you know you have options to consider and things you should […]


5 Ways Small Businesses Can Market for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is just a few short weeks away, and with it comes new opportunities to boost sales and draw in new customers. There are plenty of options to promote your business, and some will really allow your small business to thrive on this Cyber Monday.  Online retailers expect to see particularly large gains in […]


8 Great Small Business Saturday Promotion Ideas

Small Business Saturday is rapidly approaching. This year especially, it’s a great way to help local and small businesses alike during a time in which many shoppers would overlook them. In addition to competing with retail giants such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target, small retailers may also have to contend with a drop in sales […]


How to Grow Your Business: Part 2 – Sales Funnels

If you’re serious about growing your small business and building your customer base, it takes extensive research and planning. You can’t take anything for granted about your audience, your products, or your business environment. You need to understand the variables you’re working with and make every effort to control the ones you can.  You can’t […]


7 Best Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Small business owners put their hearts and souls into their work. It takes dedication and vision to build up your business and produce something valuable for your customers.  However, product development is only half the battle. You might have a unique good or service that people need, but your business isn’t going to survive and […]