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Guide to Bookkeeping for Amazon Sellers

Bookkeeping is one of the most vital duties for Amazon sellers. There are ways you can implement bookkeeping to comply with tax regulations and tax rules.  Whether you’re a veteran Amazon seller or are new to the eCommerce platform, you’ll want to keep organized and methodical bookkeeping a priority throughout your career as a seller. […]


5 Things You Need to Know Before Filing Your Freelance Taxes

If you’re a freelance worker, tax season is already here, and you have a few weeks to file taxes. A few things to know before filing taxes may help you. You may qualify for tax deductions for your work, which can help you decrease your taxable income. There are also things to know, such as […]


What’s the Difference Between an LLC and an LLP?

There’s only one letter difference, so how different can they be? When you’re deciding how to choose the right entity for your business, there are a few important acronyms to learn and differentiate.  A Limited liability Company (LLC) is a legal entity under which you operate a business. With an LLC, you pick up the […]


4 Pros of Hiring a Bookkeeper Instead of Managing it Yourself

Small businesses – no matter what you’re selling – all have one thing in common. Bookkeeping. Scrambling to organize every receipt, log every mile driven, tracking each expense, and feverishly downed cups of coffee as you meet with a client. At the end of each quarter, it’s time to figure out exactly what you owe […]


Is the New Tax Law Contributing to Declines in MLB Attendance?

Attendance at Major League Baseball games this year is reportedly down a little more than five percent over last year’s numbers. While there may be a number of reasons for this, including poor weather and competition with other forms of entertainment, is it possible that the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has something to […]


Pros/Cons of Entity Formation for Independent Contractors

One of the first and most important decisions independent contractors make is how to structure their business. The IRS offers a number of different legal business structures independent contractors can form under. Each of these types of entity formation have specific pros and cons that independent contractors should consider. Sole Proprietorship Whether they’re an athlete […]


Solid Bookkeeping for Solid Finances

Don’t have time for keeping the books on your business? Better think again. Practicing good bookkeeping can make all the difference between a business that succeeds and one that flounders in the doldrums. Here’s how solid bookkeeping practices can help your business realize solid finances year after year. Solid Bookkeeping Keeps Your Business On Track […]


1-800Accountant’s Savage Named a Glassdoor Top CEO in 2018

1-800Accountant CEO Michael Savage has received a 2018 Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award honoring the Top CEOs in the category of small and medium-size businesses (SMB) in the U.S. Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, annually recognizes CEOs rated highly by employees. Savage received an impressive 96% approval rating based on the […]


The Benefits of a Tax Extension

There are all sorts of reasons why you may not be able to make your tax filing deadline. Despite your best attempts, circumstances beyond your control may have prevented you from doing so. And let’s face it: sometimes life just gets in the way. Fortunately, you can request an extension that gives you up to […]