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What’s the Difference Between an LLC and an LLP?

There’s only one letter difference, so how different can they be? When you’re deciding how to choose the right entity for your business, there are a few important acronyms to learn and differentiate.  A Limited liability Company (LLC) is a legal entity under which you operate a business. With an LLC, you pick up the […]

4 Ways the Wayfair Tax Affects Retailers

When the Supreme Court decided in June 2018 that states could now require online retailers and other remote sellers to collect sales tax from customers, even if the retailer didn’t have a presence in that state, it was big news. Commonly called the “Wayfair Tax,” the legal ability for states to force online retailers to […]

Understanding What a Bookkeeper Does

If you own or manage a small business, you may worry so much about certain financial issues that you have trouble sleeping at night. Some of these issues might include lost receipts, not getting paid for products or services, not knowing where your business stands financially, or being audited by the IRS. Fortunately, help is […]